Security Solutions for People Who Demand the Best

Aldermans Security Consultants is an integrated security provider, operating as an independent security consultancy service, we deliver solutions for the discerning client who values their personal security and that of their family and assets.

Our security consultants have real world law enforcement, government, and military experience, and are able to create prevention and protection programs with the client in mind.

Aldermans Security Consultants offers a team of seasoned security professionals with years of experience that can help build, optimize, and review your current security program and security policies. Aldermans provides security consulting services and security risk assessments for clients in London, Manchester, throughout the UK and across the world.

Bespoke Security Services 

We  are able to provide security solutions to our clients who wish to prevent an incident occuring along with protecting their well being and assets:

  • Physical security (bodyguard and close protection services)
  • Cyber security (creating a secure environment for your virtual identity and internet use)
  • Property security (main home, and other properties along with those of families)
  • Asset security (artwork, cars, antiques)
  • Travel security (risk assessment and travel advice for overseas travel)
  • Staff security (due diligence and vetting of staff)
  • Crisis management 
  • Home security audits
  • On call personal security advisor

Security Designed with the Client in Mind

Security consulting is a process that involves identifying and assessing existing and anticipated security risks to determine the specific security needs of the client. With over 30 years experience Aldermans are able to:

  • Identify – security threats, weaknesses and vulnerabilities
  • Assess – source the most effective solution to combat the security threat
  • Develop – an efficient security strategy to combat all threats and weaknesses identified
  • Deliver – oversee the implementation and integration of the new security measures

Aldermans are prepared to put innovative and effective security services into place, giving our clients immediate security solutions.

We are experts in managing risk and as an independent security consultancy we are not affiliated to any one security service provider, so we are able to source the best solutions on the market. We take the pain out of protecting the most important parts of your life. Read here 8 reasons why clients use a security consultant.

Aldermans Security Consultants Provide Expertise In The Following

As an independent security consultant, we deliver credible insight and effective communication to ensure our clients receive the most effective security.

Security Prevention

Risk Analysis And Reporting

We have over 30 years of experience in delivering focused and in-depth threat assessments across the UK and beyond. Our intelligence-fused risk analysis service enables our clients to understand the real threats that exist and could affect their wellbeing, be it from organised criminal gangs, current or ex-members of staff, political or business enemies, or crime trends they become part of.

24/7 Alerts

With unlimited access to real time incidents, crime pattern analysis and current threats / trends, we are able to push 24/7 alerts and intelligence to clients email accounts and mobile phones when a threat or situation has been identified that could affect them or their loved ones.With the ability to alert clients, we can assess, propose and oversee the implementation of strengthened  security measures.  

24/7 Security Access

Incidents can occur at any time and can quickly turn into critical situations, our monitoring services are there to:

  • Assist you and your family
  • Alert designated decision-makers within your environment and the local authorities
  • Activate emergency protocols
  • Help manage the incident before it becomes a crisis.

Aldermans security consultants have offices in London and Manchester

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