Home Security & Surveillance Solutions

Aldermans consultants operate as independent security advisors and therefore have no allegiance to particular manufacturers or installers of CCTV systems. This means our advice always has the client’s needs in mind along with their lifestyle,  focusing on providing the best CCTV solutions giving our clients the most efficient and innovative surveillance system.

Our consultants are driven to present our clients with clear and unbiased information, which allows the client to make an informed decision on choosing the best CCTV system for their needs.

Working with industry leading technology, accredited installers and leading CCTV monitoring companies, Aldermans security managers can facilitate the best system to protect our clients and their assets.

All installers and equipment are recognised as industry standard bearers and come with industry compliance, certification and warranty’s.

As well as identifying the most appropriate CCTV system, we are able to ensure the system is maintained, updated and effective through our review strategy.

Prevention First

Detering an intruder on to your property is our first priority. Reducing the threat and target hardening is where we start. Our home security assessment will evaluate the environment and identify areas of weakness and vulnerability, providing recommendations and solutions in order to minimise the opportunity for a crime or incident occuring.

Home Security Audit 

Our home security audits are comprehensive and detailed, considering all levels of threat and method of intrusion. Using our knowledge and expertise, our home security survey challenges all aspect of the environment. Combined with our knowledge of criminal trends, we are able to design an effective robust security strategy to protect our clients homes.