Residential Physical Security Assessments, Reviews & Solutions

Aldermans provide residential security consultancy services and solutions to create secure and protected homes across London.

We all want to feel safe and secure, particularly when we are at home. The thought of intruders gaining access to your property when you and your family are at home asleep is deeply disturbing. The media is full of stories where gangs of criminal have broken into some of the most desireable property's in London and terrified the family, stealing valuable assets, cash, cars and more. 

So what can you do to protect yourself?

Effective Security Strategies for Residential Property

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Reasons why clients require a residential security audit:

  • Recently been a victim of crime (burglary, robbery, assault, rape, damage, harassment or stalking)Home security specialists London
  • Family dynamics have changed
  • Problems with current or ex staff
  • Media intrusion or reporting
  • Changes in media / social profile
  • Crime rise in local area leading to fear of crime
  • Property to be left unoccupied for long periods of time
  • Valuable assets brought into the home
  • Refurbishment / development of property
  • Current security measures are no longer fit for purpose

These are just a few reasons why clients seek a review of their current security situation, and although very often the main reason is the first, it is reassuring to know that our clients take their personal security seriously.

A detailed home security assessment and crime prevention strategy allows for us to provide a picture of the weaknesses and vulnerabilities that exist around a client’s property and grounds. This review includes examining and testing the operational policies that may exist in dealing with a security breach, intruders gaining access, equipment failure, power outage, or another type of crisis that may affect the wellbeing of the client.

Ultimate protection for those that want it

At Aldermans our home crime prevention strategies are all encompassing and give our client’s all the information they need to address or make changes to their current security position.

Our risk assessments are detailed and pay attention to detail. This document is supported with our independent recommendations to remove or at the very least, least mitigate the security risks we have identified.London home security audit

We carry out a home security review in London and the Home Counties weekly. We understand the physical security environment, the technology that is available, and how it can be integrated with additional security solutions to deliver ultimate security and protection.

Our clients are successful people and want to feel safe and secure in their property. We deliver the security they need to feel reassured and confident.

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What our clients say...

"In January 2023 we had a burglary at our home in London. The incident really shook us up and caused a lot of upset as we were home at the time. The incident made us realise how we had neglected the security to ourselves and our property. We wanted an independent perspective to advise us on how we could prevent this from occurring again. Aldermans Consultants were very professional and gave us a detailed report on where we were vulnerable and what we could do to prevent something happening in the future. In light of the Police no longer offering this service, I think Aldermans do a great job at crime prevention, and giving expert advice. We feel a whole lot safer in our home now".

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We Use the Best & Most Effective Security Technology 

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We work with industry standard providers and suppliers along with cutting edge technology to ensure our security solution are prepared for threats of today and the future. We also adopt the Security By Design (CBD) methodolgy to ensure our security advice is meets the latest security standards, developed to address emerging criminal methods of attack, and includes references to the Building Regulations and other statutory requirements across the United Kingdom.

Our residential security assessments cover:

If you have new home that requires a a security system designing, or a property refurbishment that needs a security system update, read HERE.

Crime Prevention Advice

Detering an intruder on to your property is our first priority. Reducing the threat and target hardening is where we start. Our home security assessment will evaluate the environment and identify areas of weakness and vulnerability, providing recommendations and solutions in order to minimise the opportunity for a crime or incident occuring.

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Residential Security Review 

Our London executive home security audits are comprehensive and detailed, considering all levels of threat and method of intrusion. Using our knowledge and expertise, our home security survey challenges all aspect of the environment. Combined with our knowledge of criminal trends, we are able to design an effective robust security strategy to protect our clients homes. 

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Smart Homes & Home WiFi Network Security

At Aldermans, we have the capability to design high end secure home wifi installations for people’s homes –  solutions with and without wired infrastructure.

The modern home has a huge reliance on a robust encrypted network infrastructure and outstanding WiFi – client devices such as phones, tablets and laptops all require strong, fast connections, as do more and more infrastructure devices in the home (Internet of things - IoT). This can include TVs, Surround Sound amplifiers, distributed audio systems and even thermostats: all need a WiFi connection that is fast and reliable in order to provide a rewarding user experience.

In addition to extending WiFi in to every corner of the home (including exterior spaces) the systems we utilise possess advanced WiFi controllers to ensure the best possible connection for clients throughout their property, and to outside areas too. home security review london

As providers of only the best and most effective security solutions for private families, their homes and assets, we ensure the latest and high-quality Wi-Fi solutions are delivered to our cients, because we know the importance of a strong and secure wifi connection for clients who wish for the lives to remain private. 

Read more here.

If you would like to speak to one of our security consultants regarding a home security review on your property, contact us today.

Independent Security Consultants London

Aldermans security consultants operate as independent advisors and therefore have no allegiance to particular manufacturers or installers of residential security systems. This means our advice always has the client’s needs in mind along with their lifestyle,  focusing on providing the best home security solutions, giving our clients the most efficient and innovative protection and security.

As an independent security consultant, we are driven to present our clients with clear and unbiased information, which allows the client to make an informed decision on choosing the most effective security measures for their needs.

Working with industry leading technology, accredited installers and leading CCTV monitoring companies, access control engineers, perimeter detection applications and surveillance equipment, Aldermans security consultants can facilitate the best systems to protect our clients and their assets.

All installers and equipment are recognised as industry standard bearers and come with industry compliance, certification and warranty’s.

As well as identifying the most appropriate home security system, we are able to ensure the system is maintained, updated and effective through our review and monitoring strategy.

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Residential security Advisors for London

Residential security refers to the measures taken to protect homes and ensure the safety and well-being of the residents.

Here are some important aspects to consider when it comes to residential security:

  1. Physical Security Measures:
    • Secure Doors and Windows: Install solid core or metal doors with deadbolt locks. Ensure windows are sturdy and have locks or security bars.
    • Outdoor Lighting: Illuminate the exterior of the house and entry points with motion-sensor lights to deter intruders.
    • Fencing and Gates: Install a sturdy fence around the property with a lockable gate to control access.
    • Security Cameras: Install surveillance cameras at strategic locations around the house to monitor and record activities.
    • Alarm Systems: Install a reliable alarm system that includes door/window sensors, motion detectors, and a loud siren. Consider connecting it to a security monitoring service.
  2. Access Control:
    • Locks and Keys: Use high-quality locks and control the distribution of keys. Consider using smart locks that allow remote access control and monitoring.
    • Entry Points: Reinforce vulnerable entry points such as front and back doors, garage doors, and basement windows.
    • Security Doors: Consider installing a security door with a peephole or a doorbell camera for visual identification of visitors.
    • High grade CCTV system to deter intruders, protect vulnerable areas, and capture wrong doing or trespass.
  3. Security Practices:
    • Home Maintenance: Keep the property well-maintained, ensuring that doors, windows, and locks are in good working condition.
    • Secure Valuables: Store valuable items, such as jewelry, important documents, and electronics, in a secure safe or lockbox.
    • Secure Wi-Fi Network: Protect your home network with a strong password and encryption to prevent unauthorised access.
    • Social Media Awareness: Avoid sharing vacation plans or other sensitive information on social media platforms to prevent potential burglars from targeting your home.
  4. Neighborhood Watch and Community Engagement:
    • Join or start a neighborhood watch program to foster a sense of community and enhance security through shared vigilance and communication.
    • Stay informed about local crime trends and report any suspicious activities to local Police patrols.
  5. Emergency Preparedness:
    • Install smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, and fire extinguishers to address potential fire hazards.
    • Develop an emergency plan for the family, including escape routes and meeting points in case of emergencies.
    • Consider installing a home security system with 24/7 monitoring for immediate response in case of emergencies.
    • Consider installation of panic room or ability to secure an area 

Remember, the specific residential security measures may vary based on your location, size of the property, budget, and individual requirements. Consulting with our residential security experts can provide personalised professional recommendations and guidance tailored to your specific needs.