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 Independent Security Consultancy Services

We are a consultancy company that provide independent security services for clients throughout the UK and overseas. Since establishing ourselves as the go to security professionals, we have undertaken small and large installation projects and designed security systems for commercial clients, HNWI's, architects and property developers as well as celebrities and sport stars.

Our independence allows us to provide an unbiased and open-minded approach to mitigating risk and creating safe environments for clients who are seeking the most effective security solutions.

Our security system design service is unparallel in terms of assessing risks / threats and creating security solutions to remove and reduce those vulnerabilities.

  • Innovative use of the latest technology to reduce cost and reliance on human aspects
  • Security designed to eliminate specific and potential threats
  • We create an integrated security system for ease of use and greater control 
  • Saves you the client time and money sourcing the right people and hardware
  • Provides you with a high level of protection to you and your assets now and in the future

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Expert Security Design Service

Our security services and designs, concentrate on the evaluation of realistic and probable threats, vulnerabilities relating to the environment and risks to assets, allowing us to evaluate, identify and produce an inclusive and over-arching security risk assessment.

This comprehensive approach recognises the appropriate security strategy required to provide the crucial protection.

The security risk assessment is used as the base document to present to clients in order to discuss specific hardware, software and controls that are best suited to the environment to be protected.


Ultimate Security & Protection 

As independent security consultants, we are driven to provide our clients with expert advice and knowledge allowing them to make informed decisions regarding the security strategy they require. Our objective is to design and create an integrated solid security plan that is designed to deliver the best security for our clients, their families and assets.

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Aldermans holistic security consulting services include current and emerging threat assessments, policy review and development, security system design and master planning.

Our team of consultants can create personalised security programs and plans that are tailored to your security requirements.

Security Consultant Services from Aldermans, are able to deliver:

  • Security threat & risk assessment (personal, property, assets, travel, family)
  • Security planning for property (new builds, refurbishments and reviews)security consultant firm London
  • Security strategy & security plans
  • Security system design
  • Security hardware procurement
  • Security project management during construction or implementation phases
  • Security resilience testing – assessing performance of current security controls

Risk Mitigation from Every Angle

We provide a range of security consultancy services, all with the aim of protecting our client’s welfare and assets.

Our holistic approach reduces the threat from:drone security firm London

  • Organised criminal enterprises
  • Terrorists
  • Political activists
  • Lone wolf antagonists
  • Opportunist criminals

At Aldermans we lead from the front, and we are committed to providing our client’s superior security and support services.

We look forward to helping you assess your security requirements and finding the solutions that best fit your needs. Our reputation is one of the best when it comes to to security system design in the UK.

Our team has combined decades of world experience advising private clients from commercial, residential, and government sectors.

We can design a security program to create a safe and secure environment for you. Clients trust us to deliver their protection.

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