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We acknowledge our clients possess expensive things in their homes, not to mention their jewellery, watches and cars as well as the gadgets they carry around. So it's important to do everything we can to protect them.

We are committed to protecting people and their property, by delivering bespoke solutions that shield against theft, damage, copy and loss.London asset security specialists

As specialist security consultants, we manage and oversee the security of our clients assets such as:

  • Super cars, classic cars, vintage cars and specialist vehicles
  • Boats and private yachts
  • Private aircraft
  • Precious metals and personal jewellery
  • Antiques and fine art
  • and other precious articles such as watches, ornaments, heirlooms, furniture and artefacts

Along with using physical security measures, we also employ where appropriate, the latest technology to protect such items and ensure they do not fall into the wrong hands or become damaged through accident or neglect.

assets security experts London

"Based in Hong Kong, I was looking for a security specialist who could manage my West London property and at the same time arrange for the security, transportation, storage and maintenance of the cars I keep in the UK. With Aldermans, nothing is too much trouble. They are easy to communicate with, and are very professional in their handling of my requirements, even when it is sometimes a last minute request".

Mr LV Honk Kong

Specialist Asset Security Services in London

Let us help protect you:

  • Storage of valuable jewellery, furniture, clothing, vehicles and heir looms 
  • Transportation of classic cars, supercars, privately owned aircraft and boats
  • Tracking of expensive items such as paintings, antiques, vehicles and personal effects
  • Monitoring of trackers, secure storage sites, personnel
  • Disposal of personal effects, properties and vehicles

Personal and high value asset security does not have to be simply installing a CCTV system or using the presence of security guards. Understanding the nature of the asset, how it is used and its value, allows us to implement an effective security solution that the client can realise the benefit of their asset.

We Provide Specialist High Value Security Protection Services In London

Security consultants for London and the Home Counties

Aldermans Security Consultants provide effective, expert security services to clients who value their personal security and seek the best solutions to keep them safe. Our consultants have extensive security knowledge, combined with over 70 year’s experience gained through time served in the UK police service, military and the private sector, managing the needs of ultra-high net worth and high-profile clients.

To ensure the best level of service for our clients, we aim to develop a long-term relationship and work with the client to deliver sustainable solutions to minimise the threat. As independent security consultants, we can identify the best-in-class supplier’s and products that are tailored to the client’s needs and security requirements. Our solutions are innovative and ensure a cohesive overarching customer focused security strategy.

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What is Asset Security Planning?

Asset security is the protection of valuable assets within an organisation or under the control / ownership of a private client.

Assets can include physical assets, such as property, equipment, and inventory, as well as intangible assets like data, intellectual property, and reputation.

Here are some key considerations for implementing asset security measures:

  1. Asset Identification: Begin by identifying and classifying your organization's assets based on their value, criticality, and sensitivity. This helps in prioritising security efforts and allocating appropriate resources.
  2. Risk Assessment: Conduct a thorough risk assessment to identify potential threats, vulnerabilities, and risks to your assets. This involves analysing internal and external factors that could impact asset security, such as theft, natural disasters, cyberattacks, insider threats, or regulatory non-compliance.
  3. Physical Security Measures:
    • Access Controls: Implement access control systems to restrict physical access to sensitive areas. This can include key card systems, biometric readers, or security personnel.
    • Perimeter Security: Secure the perimeter of your premises with fences, gates, and surveillance cameras to deter unauthorised access.
    • Alarm Systems: Install intrusion detection systems that include sensors, motion detectors, and alarms to alert against unauthorised entry or tampering.
  4. Information Security:
    • Data Protection: Implement data security measures such as encryption, regular data backups, and secure storage to protect sensitive information from unauthorized access or loss.
    • Network Security: Deploy firewalls, intrusion detection and prevention systems, and strong access controls to safeguard data and systems from cyber threats.
    • Employee Training: Conduct regular security awareness training to educate employees about their role in protecting sensitive information and the best practices for data security.
  5. Personnel Security:
    • Background Checks: Perform thorough background checks and verification processes for employees, contractors, and vendors who have access to critical assets.
    • Access Control: Implement least privilege principles, ensuring that employees only have access to the assets necessary for their job functions.
    • Employee Awareness: Foster a culture of security awareness among employees through training programs, policies, and regular communication.
  6. Incident Response and Recovery:
    • Develop an incident response plan to effectively address security incidents and mitigate the impact on assets. This includes clear procedures, communication protocols, and coordination with relevant stakeholders.
    • Backup and Recovery: Regularly back up critical data and establish processes for quick recovery in the event of data loss or system disruption.
  7. Regular Security Audits:
    • Conduct periodic security audits and assessments to identify gaps or weaknesses in asset security measures. This helps in identifying areas for improvement and ensuring ongoing compliance with security standards.
  8. Vendor and Third-Party Management:
    • Assess the security practices of vendors or third parties who have access to your assets. Establish contractual agreements and security requirements to ensure their compliance with your security standards.

Implementing asset security measures requires a holistic approach that integrates physical, technical, and procedural controls.

Regular reviews and updates of security measures are essential to adapt to evolving threats and maintain a robust asset security posture.