Asset Security & Protection

We acknowledge our clients possess expensive things in their homes, not to mention their jewellery, watches and cars as well as the gadgets they carry around. So it's important to do everything we can to protect them.

We are committed to protecting people and their property, by delivering bespoke solutions that shield against theft, damage, copy and loss.

Our clients assets include properties, vehicles such as cars, yachts and aircraft, as well as jewellery, antiques and other precious articles.

Along with using physical security measures, we also employ where appropriate, the latest technology to protect such items and ensure they do not fall into the wrong hands or become damaged through accident or neglect.

Let us help protect you

We are able to arrange:

  • Storage of valuable jewellery, furniture, clothing, vehicles and heir looms 
  • Transportation of classic cars, supercars, privately owned aircraft and boats
  • Tracking of expensive items such as paintings, antiques, vehicles and personal effects
  • Monitoring of trackers, secure storage sites, personnel
  • Disposal of personal effects, properties and vehicles

Personal asset security does not have to be simply installing a CCTV system or using the presence of security guards. Understanding the nature of the asset, how it is used and its value, allows us to implement an effective security solution that the client can realise the benefit of their asset.

Aldermans Security Consultants Provides Premier Security & Protection Services

Aldermans Security Consultants provide effective, expert security services to clients who value their personal security and seek the best solutions to keep them safe. Our consultants have extensive security knowledge, combined with over 70 year’s experience gained through time served in the UK police service, military and the private sector, managing the needs of ultra-high net worth and high-profile clients.

To ensure the best level of service for our clients, we aim to develop a long-term relationship and work with the client to deliver sustainable solutions to minimise the threat. As independent security consultants, we can identify the best-in-class supplier’s and products that are tailored to the client’s needs and security requirements. Our solutions are innovative and ensure a cohesive overarching customer focused security strategy.

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