Independent Security Assessment

The Independent Security Risk Assessment is the most important element in terms of identifying the strengths, weaknesses vulnerabilities in your personal, physical and asst protection security. The security assesment is necessary to ensure that your security is based on a strong, sound and solid foundation – both presently and into the future. You do not actually have security if you do not have your Independent Security Risk Assessment report on the table.

Understanding the risk is the foundation of effective security

Many people fall victim to crime despite spending thousands on a security system. Th main reason is that the security has been evaluated or viewed incorrectly, and the security guard at the gate, the dog roaming the grounds or the alarm system onsite is seen as sufficient.

Unfortunately, this is not the case and it is necessary if you wish to have effective and strong security to withstand the threats, you require a comprehensive security plan to mitigate those threats, and the elements of that security plan compliment and support each other to create an impenetrable defence attackor intrusion. This is where an Independent Security Consultant has become a necessity.

Todays criminals have access to the wealth of information available freely on the internet. When targeting executive homes and affluent individuals, criminals generally plan extensively and the target is put under surveillance over a period of time before they actually strike. It is not unusual for the offenders to have more knowledge of the security system used than the homeowner.

To be able to secure your property, one needs to stay one step ahead of the criminal element. This is where the Independent Security Consultant will be able to assist you through the Security Risk Assessment.

Security is not usually considered when nothing happens, only once it has, when it is too late and an attack has occurred, is the actual benefit and value of the Independent Security Consultant and the Risk Assessment understood and desired.

Aldermans Consultants aims to aid and provide knowledge to all our clients, to make their personal security, families, assets and their homes resistant to crime by placing them in control of their security.

What is a Security Risk Assessment?

A security risk assessment identifies, assesses, and implements key security controls in particular environments. It also focuses on preventing security breaches and strengthens vulnerabilities. Carrying out a risk assessment allows a client to view their current security measures holistically—from an attacker’s perspective. It supports the client in making informed resource allocation, technology, and security control implementation decisions. Thus, conducting an assessment is an integral part of an individuals personal security risk management process.

The 4 steps of a successful security risk assessment model

  1. Identification. Determine all critical assets of the individual, environement and infrastructure. Create a risk profile for each element.
  2. Assessment. Administer an approach to assess the identified security risks for the critical assets. After careful evaluation and assessment, determine how to effectively and efficiently allocate solutions towards risk mitigation. The assessment approach or methodology must analyse the correlation between assets, threats, vulnerabilities, and mitigating controls.
  3. Mitigation. Define a mitigation approach and enforce security controls for each risk.
  4. Prevention. Implement measure and processes to minimise threats and vulnerabilities from occurring.

If you would like a security risk assessment carrying out

feel free to get in touch and speak with one of our security consultants to discuss your requirements.