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Creating Secure and Protected Environments

Aldermans Security Consultants was founded to provide high level physical and personal security protocols for clients whose needs are specific and require a service level second to none.

With an equally experienced team of physical security experts, we have the scope and ability to provide dedicated support and expertise for all our clients security needs. With most of our key personnel drawn from military, police and specialist security backgrounds, the company has long prided itself on core values of service, reliability, loyalty and integrity. Together, these qualities have made us a successful and necessary security asset to our clients remining protected and secure.

Security Risk Management Solutions for Private & Corporate Clients Across London & the UK

Over the years, we have delivered proven, reliable and effective security strategies to a growing list of corporate and private clients, offering professional and flexible security advice, management, support and solutions.

Our clients agree, that we provide them with peace of mind, reassurance and trust, which allows them to enjoy and maintain an environment and lifestyle without the fear and anxieties weak security creates.

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Security Solutions for London & Beyond

As independent security consultant, we deliver professional physical security assessments and solutions for private and corporate clients across London, Greater London Area and beyond.

We are here to help you understand where you are exposed to risk and how to better protect your people, business, property and assets.

Whatever your security needs are, our security risk consultants will develop a targeted solution.

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Expert Independent Security Advsiors

We provide the complete independent security service, ensuring our clients receive the most effective security advice and protection to suit their needs, budget and circumstances.

We have been delivering effective bespoke security and protection measures for over 30 years. 

  • We Assess
  • We Understand
  • We Review
  • We Advise
  • We Deliver

In addition, Aldermans are the leaders in phyical security consultancy for risk and threat analysis, physical and logical security planning and integration, along with delivering the project management elements of our recommended physical security solutions and treatment plans.

This “turnkey”  approach to delivering clients security, ensures the best and most effective security is adopted and put into action.

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 Physical Security from Evaluation to Solution

Our Security Consultants are known for establishing effective security strategies by utilising a balance of physical, operational, and technical innovations. Our analysis is detailed and thorough. We consider all areas that may pose a risk, along with understanding what is happening locally, nationally and internationally in terms of criminal patterns and trending criminal behaviour, which may impact on our clients security status.

Delivering Your Physical Security Needs

Our physical security consultants are independent of any one particular security provider, which allows us to advise our clients of the most efficient and capable security measures for a particular environment or specific identified threat.

With the ability to provide tailored made security solutions from one point of contact, our services range from comprehensive security risk assessments, security audits and project management to security reviews and resilience testing, identifying weaknesses in all aspects of our clients lifestyle and business.

Effective Physical Security Solutions for Today and Tomorrow

Aldermans Security Consultants business is based on trust. Clients in London use us because they trust our experience and knowledge, trust us to be effective and trust us to deliver the best security for their needs.

For the past 30 years we have been keeping people and their assets protected and secure.

We are a London based security consultancy firm that provides a full range of bespoke security and asset protection services. We are independent, 100% management-owned, and committed to upholding the security consultants standard by putting our clients’ best interests first. We advise and manage the security of high net worth individuals, businesses and institutions, assessing, creating and implementing security strategies for businesses, personal security needs, homes and assets.

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lonson security assessment companyAs security industry experts, we help clients shore up their personal security requirements. This includes a rigorous auditing program followed by the implementation of strong security solutions. During an audit, we will address threats, weaknesses, and vulnerabilities and make suggestions for improvements. Improvements can include designing new security protocols, providing training for building personnel, recommending security systems including cameras, electronic locks, safes, and permitter detection systems.

Aldermans security consultants have offices in Central London

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Why Hiring a Professional Security Consultant is Crucial for Private Clients and Businesses

Security is a significant consideration for every residential property and business, regardless of size and type. With emerging and growing security threats and vulnerabilities, it is necessary to have a robust security system in place. This is where the expertise of a professional security consultant can assist.

A security consultant is an expert in assessing security risks and vulnerabilities, carrying out security assessments, and developing comprehensive security solutions and treatment plans. They provide a range of security consulting services, including security CCTV system installation, residential security assessment, security physical security vulnerability assessment, security threat assessment, security assessments, and physical security risk assessment.

For residential properties such as private estates and gated communities, a security consultant can conduct a comprehensive security assessment to identify potential vulnerabilities and recommend ways to strengthen the existing security system or recommend a new security plan. This may include designing CCTV systems, access control systems, perimeter and boundary security, along with developing security policies and procedures.

Similarly, a security consultant can conduct a security risk assessment for a school, hospital, or commercial businesses to identify potential security threats and recommend measures to mitigate those risks. This may include conducting security vulnerability assessments, developing emergency response plans, and recommending security CCTV and access control systems.

Security consulting firms and security consultant companies have a team of security experts trained and experienced in identifying security risks and vulnerabilities. 

By hiring a professional security consultant, residential properties and businesses can ensure their buildings, occupants’ and assets safety and security. They benefit from the expertise of security consultants, who can provide tailored security consulting services that address their specific security needs.

In conclusion, the importance of security assessments and the services of a professional security consultant cannot be overstated.

With ever increasing security threats and vulnerabilities, it is essential to have a robust security strategy in place. By using the services of a security consultant, private clients and businesses can ensure that their security needs are met and that their property and occupants remain safe, secure and protected.