Our Story

Aldermans Security Consultants protect private clients and their families both in the UK and around the globe. We provide the complete security solutions service, ensuring our clients receive the most effective security to suit their needs.

Our security consultants have been delivering effective bespoke protection measures for over 30 years. 

In addition, Aldermans Security Consultants is one of the leaders in consultancy for risk and threat analysis, physical and logical security integration, and the project management of recommended security applications. This “turnkey”  approach to delivering clients security, ensures the best and most effective security is adopted and put into action.

Who are Aldermans Security Consultants? Meet the directors HERE.

Experienced Security Consultants

We have built a reputation as the go-to experts who are accredited in risk assessment, crisis management and the protection of people and their assets. Along with being equipped with experience and knowledge of what works and what doesn’t, Aldermans focus is the client, ensuring their lives stay private and protected.

With distinguished careers forged in the UK Police service and British military, the team at Aldermans Security Consultants have established themselves as the concierge service for all matters security, concentrating solely on private clients who’s requirements demand the best and most effective security measures.

The security solutions we deliver, provide our clients the necessary protection they require to enjoy a safe, secure and stable lifestyle.

Empowering Your Security

Our security consultancy is independent of any one particular security provider, which allows us to advise our clients of the most efficient and capable security measures for a paricular environment or specific identified threat.

With the ability to provide tailored made security solutions from one point of contact, our services range from comprehensive risk assessments, security audits and project management to security reviews and resilience testing, identifying weaknesses in all aspects of our clients lifestyle.

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Effective Security Solutions for Today and Tomorrow

Aldermans Security Consultants business is based on trust. Our clients use us because they trust our experience and knowledge, trust us to be effective and trust us to deliver the best security for their needs.

For the past 30 years we have been keeping people and their assets secure. 

Aldermans Security Consultants is a UK registered security consultancy firm that provides a full range of bespoke security and asset protection services. We are independent, 100% management-owned, and committed to upholding the security consultants standard by putting our clients’ best interests first. We advise and manage the security of high net worth individuals, families, family offices and institutions, assessing, creating and implementing security strategies for personal security, assets, homes, vehicles and items of value.

Aldermans security consultants have offices in London and Manchester

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