Travel Security

Extraordinary events affecting personal and family travel have become all too ordinary – the escalation of terrorism, infectious diseases, natural disasters and even general accidents or incidents are prevalent.

Such events are often beyond your control, yet with insightful and researched planning, private client travel can be crisis free.

Now more than ever, it’s important to evaluate your perception of travel risk. We command the full range of services, the geographic reach, and the flexible, relationship-based structure and approach necessary to meet your personal needs for travelling safely around the globe.

At Aldermans, we provide a dynamic bespoke aspect to travel risk assessment and a new set of tools to meet today’s challenging environment. This includes recommending policies and procedures, providing travel advisories and arranging for the delivery of immediate onsite assistance.

We are able to arrange strengthened travel security arrangements to dovetail with your travel plans

We offer a focused approach to work with you to develop, manage, and implement systemic components for a robust travel security management infrastructure. Our emphasis is on understanding your needs and creating a safe travel package. Our goal is to address your travel risk needs at a pace that suits your situation and in a manner designed to minimise the impact on your time.

Our security consultants are available as ongoing resources to our client counterparts to ensure that our services meet your requirements and that the full range of our capabilities is being brought to bear in the most timely and effective manner possible.

We offer:

  • Design and implementation of a travel continuity and crisis response plan for country / region / site specific locations
  • In-depth risk assessments and site security surveys for existing and future locations
  • Site-specific evacuation plans
  • Act as a crisis security advisor to you and your family / group as well as arrange for the deployment of crisis managers to assess the situation on the ground and assist with any situation or evacuation.

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