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Case Study #1

In 2019 Aldermans Consultants were contacted by a multinational events marketing team, who had been awarded a contract to look after a group of executives from a global finance business, travelling to a FIFA World Cup event in the Arab states as VIP guests.

Due to breaches in security and safety at similar events, the events company were looking for an experienced security consultancy to provide an overarching security strategy, that would deliver a safe and memorable experience for the delegates, whilst having all their security requirements taken care of.  

This strategy included a detailed and thorough risk assessment for the travelling party, their accommodation, visits to tourist sites and attractions, along with their attendance at the sporting event and hosted dinners.

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The project involved us attending and contributing to government led security briefings as well as consultation with the lead sporting body, their security stakeholders, and the executive’s own corporate security detail.

Once we had identified all potential security risks and vulnerabilities, we developed a security treatment plan that would create a robust but discreet security environment for the guests throughout their time overseas.

Along with all the necessary planning, negotiations, and briefings, we also delivered an executive command structure with a presence on the ground prior to and during the weekend.

Our lead consultants acted as the single point of contact (SPOC) for all decision making, coordination, communications and intelligence / information sharing and overall management for the security side of the operation.

The weekend went ahead smoothly, and the guests had a fantastic time, with a representative of the group commenting how safe and well looked after they felt throughout the trip.

VIP travel security LondonThis comment is testament to the preparation and attention to detail we provide to all security strategies we create and deliver.

The guests had an unforgettable time, and our client’s reputation was enhanced for delivering a world class experience that they use for building their own corporate reputation.


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