Corporate and Private Event Security Planning

Aldermans Security Consultants London are event security specialists, creating bespoke security assessments, strategies and solutions for corporate and private clients who want a safe and secure experience.HNWI Security experts UK

Our security consultants have decades of experience in developing, organising, and implementing security plans for a wide variety of events and gatherings.

Understanding the event and our clients specific requirements, we can prepare an event security plan to consider all elements of the function from a security specialist view point.

Our consultants consider all risks and threats which can appear depending on the nature of the event. Keeping in mind the clients wishes, we prepare a security plan that will allow the event to occur without incident and everyone has a great and memorable time.

Working with a network of accredited security providers and specialists, combined with decades of security expertise, Aldermans are able to co-ordinate the provision of premier security services for special events — from corporate events here in London, UK and overseas, to private parties and special occasions, we are able to create a strategy to meet all requirements, budgets and individual needs.

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Staying Safe and Creating Good Times

Aldermans have designed and implemented security plans and risk management strategies for corporate and private clients who have attended some of the worlds biggest events. Our emphasis is to always ensure our client remains safe and protected, and that we have a plan for all eventualities, so they have the most memorable experience.VIP Event security specialists London

We have delivered event security plans for:

  • Champions League final
  • Music festivals
  • Rugby World cup tournament
  • Corporate team building events 
  • Formula 1 races (USA, Spain, UK, Italy, Monaco, Abu Dhabi) 
  • Tennis tournaments
  • Awards ceremony
  • Private family events

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Event Security Risk Managment 

Understanding and listening to our clients requirements allows us to identify the appropriate security for their event. We ensure the security staff attending are aware of their brief and responsibilities, acting when necessary and maintaining a discreet presence allowing the event to feel relaxed and safe. All of our strategic partners possess the necessary qulaifications and licences, along with the skills necessary to carry out their role.

Once our clients needs and requirements are understood, we create a bespoke security package that will ensure a discreet but capabaable presence ensuring the event s handled professionally and with our clients wishes in mind.

Our tailored security event packages can provide:

  • Female and male security personnel
  • SIA certificated and skilled in self defence, negotiation skills, first aid and crowd control
  • Close protection (bodyguard) services (if required)
  • Valet service
  • Uniformed presence or formal attire
  • Guest meet & greet
  • Ad Hoc security camera installation & management
  • Perimeter patrol
  • Pre-event risk assessment

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Event Security Consultants

Event security is an important element for organisers who are planning anything from family gatherings, award nights and music festivals, to international sporting events red carpet experiences. Our approach is to consider the worst that could occur, such as a terrorist incident, lone shooter or mass violence and work our way down through to the the lesser risks and red flags that could take place and put our client’s welfare at risk.

Our event security consultants and advisors have over 30 year’s experience working with events of various sizes and levels of risk, here in the UK and overseas.VIP Event security advisors

We are here to help and support you:

  • Event security & management
  • Event security assessment & planning
  • Security advisory group representation
  • Emergency service & local authority liaison
  • Creation of security policiies and protocols
  • Tabletop exercises & training
  • Debrief Sessions
  • Counter terrorism risk assessment & emergency planning

As part of our planning process, we communicate with all relevant stakeholders and external actors who may have a role to play in the security of our clients, including event security staff, local Police, transport providers and event organisers.

Nothing is left to chance. Our strategies are meticulous in detail and reviewed at each stage as to their ability and effectiveness.

Organisers and clients can be confident that Aldermans Consultants delivers on the security aspect of their event and that everyone will have a positive experience

Contact our team to find out how our event security advisors can help make the event safe and protected.

Aldermans Security Consultants have offices in Central London & provide event security services to private & corporate clients throughout the UK & globally.

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Security planning For Private Event

Private event security refers to the measures taken to ensure the safety and security of a private event, such as weddings, corporate conferences, galas, or private parties.

The primary goal of private event security is to protect the participants, property, and overall integrity of the event.

Here are some key considerations and practices typically involved in private event security:

  1. Risk assessment: Security professionals conduct a thorough risk assessment to identify potential threats and vulnerabilities specific to the event. This assessment helps determine the necessary security measures to be implemented.
  2. Access control: Controlling access to the event venue is crucial for maintaining security. This includes implementing ticketing systems, guest lists, and physical barriers to regulate entry and prevent unauthorized individuals from entering the premises.
  3. Crowd management: Private events often involve large gatherings of people. Proper crowd management techniques help maintain order, minimize the risk of accidents or panic, and ensure smooth flow of people within the venue.
  4. Surveillance and monitoring: Security personnel may use surveillance cameras, both visible and hidden, to monitor the event space and identify any suspicious activity. Additionally, trained security personnel may be stationed strategically to keep a watchful eye on the event area.
  5. Security personnel: Employing trained security personnel, such as uniformed guards or plainclothes security officers, can help deter potential threats and respond quickly to any security incidents that may arise during the event.
  6. Emergency response planning: Private event security teams should have well-defined emergency response plans in place. This includes procedures for handling medical emergencies, fire incidents, evacuations, or any other unforeseen situations that may require immediate attention.
  7. Coordination with local authorities: Depending on the scale of the event, it may be necessary to coordinate with local law enforcement agencies or emergency services to ensure a comprehensive security plan. This collaboration can involve sharing information, obtaining necessary permits, or requesting additional security support if needed.
  8. Cybersecurity: In today's digital age, private events may also face cybersecurity risks. Implementing measures to protect digital systems, data, and personal information is essential to safeguard against potential breaches or unauthorized access.

It is important to note that the specific security measures and protocols will vary based on the nature, scale, and location of the private event. Hiring a professional security company with experience in event security such as ourselves can help ensure a comprehensive approach to safeguarding the event and its attendees.