Security Resilience Testing

Security has become of great importance in our  world today, motivating a myriad of security products that claim to protect individuals and their assets from  security threats and breaches. However, it is often difficult for lay individual users, and even professional security practitioners alike to evaluate which security products truly enhance the security of their surroundings.

Those who wish to secure their environment are reduced to browsing through marketing literature that qualitatively describes the various features, capabilities, design process and philosophy of the system. But does it do want you want it to?

Aldermans penetration testing examines in place security protocols, including human security such as security guards or bodyguards and electronic security methods for example CCTV systems, access controls and perimeter detection and challenge these measures to test their effectiveness and ability.

As part of our security packages we carry out periodic reviews of such security strategies to ensure they are protecting the client as they should and cannot be compromised with a view to gaining access to the client or their assets.

The tests we undertake are aimed at ensuring our clients remain safe and no vulnerabilities are exposed, minimising the risk to our clients and their family.

If you wish to determin how efficient your current security is and have an industry led penetration test carried out, Aldermans Security Consultants are the people to call. We challenge every aspect of our clients security measures, including:

  • Physical security  
  • Electronic security inc. alarms, cctv, access control, communication systems, facial recognition, remote monitoring, GPS tracking, ANPR, perimeter guarding
  • In-house security protocols
  • Staff responsibilities
  • Visitor & contractor policies
  • Emergency services response
  • Emergency evac protocols

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