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Aldermans are independent security consultants based in London and Manchester. We provide a bespoke security consultant service, offering a single point solution for clients who value thir personal private security. Along with identifying risks and threats, we are able to manage the implementation and installation of physical security solutions and strategies for private clients throughout the UK and globally. We provide each of our clients with exceptional service from risk assessing their security weaknesses to overseeing our recommendations, ensuring their security, safety and well-being are always in focus.

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We searched for a credible security consultant for our home in London and properties abroad, and a friend recommended Aldermans Consultants. From the initial contact, they made us feel at ease. Their approach is very thorough and they consider all circumstances, vulnerabilities and potential threats. We were impressed with their knowledge and experience, and are extremely happy to use them as our go to security providers. We feel comforted to know they look after our security requirements, particulalrly when our security circumstances can change quite quickly and unexpectedly.

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