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Bespoke Security for VIP's

In a world where criminals, terrorism and online haters threaten an individual and their family’s safety, remaining safe and having the right level of protection is vital to security and peace of mind.

At Aldermans security consultants, we are highly experienced in dealing with clients security needs whose lives are spent in the public gaze and draw attention from national and international media interest, as well as fans and social media followers.

Issues such as racism, homophobia, political views, business events or misconstrued social media comment can impact on an individual’s safety and wellbeing in a very short space of time.

We pride ourselves in our ability to deliver planned, bespoke security assessments and strategies to combat risks and threats for today as well as the future, swiftly and professionally.

Our tailored solutions offer protection throughout the client’s engagement. We can cover short or long-term solutions where necessary, as well as provide the most effective technology to combat all levels of threat and risk.

Whether you’re a sportsperson, celebrity or person of interest we can look after the security aspects of your life, letting you concentrate on achieving your individual goals.

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Servicing the Security Needs of HNW Clients

We understand the need for privacy and our clients can be assured that our services and the work we carry out on their behalf is treated with the upmost discretion and confidentiality.

Our clients include:

  • Football players
  • Athletes
  • Rugby Players
  • Sports agents
  • Club owners & management
  • Media personalities
  • Politicians
  • CEO's & Business owners
  • International sports stars

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If you would like to discuss your security needs with us, contact us through the channels below. Our consultations are confidential and discreet. 

Our Security Services 

At Aldermans, our VIP and HNW clients are consistently impressed with the range of specialist security services we offer. We are an independent consultancy firm, therefore we only make use of the most effective and relevant security solutions for our clients needs. Our attention to detail and the gold standard service we deliver ensures our clients are the focus of what we set out to achieve, to keep them protecetd and safe at all times.

Comprehensive Security Review

(asses current security measures & identify vulnerabilities and areas of risk)

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Personal Security Services for VIP & HNWI

(bodyguards & close protection staff)

Executive Property Security

(homes, 2nd & 3rd properties, overseas holiday homes, rental properties)

HNW Asset Security

(vehicles, jewellery, art, clothing, collections)

Executive & Exclusive Travel Security

Confidential security advisors London

(flights, hotels & accommodation, tours, transport)

VIP Family Security

(schools, internal staff, travel, due diligence)

All enquiries are welcome

Aldermans Security Consultancy is an established firm of security professionals in London. All your security requirements in one place.

From our office in Central London, we can attend your location promptly at a time convenient to you, including weekends and evenings.

Feel free to get in touch and speak with a security consultant to discuss your requirements.

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