Aldermans Consultants - Your Personal Security Advisor

Aldermans Consultants are engaged by clients from all over the world as their personal security manager utilised on an advisory arrangement, providing specialist security services, advice and support when required.

This alliance allows the client to call us in when needed rather than on a full-time basis, rather than employ a full time security manager to oversee their security arrangements.

We are also able to oversee the day to day running of a client's security portfolio, periodically carrying out reviews and audits on the performance of the security put in place.

The benefits of this are:

Delivery Speed

Our consultants are not distracted. They are focused on the results and task(s) they are hired for. Unlike internal management, which tends to have other responsibilities. Our consultants are able to deliver results with speed. They do not have a learning curve and are able to provide advice and guidance to clients.

Required Knowledge Surrounding Security

The number one reason our consultants are hired. Help is needed. Someone to ask questions too. Discuss strategies. Gain assistance to achieve milestones. These are all good reasons to work with us. Our consultants provide best practices. This will improve effectiveness and results.

Specific Skills

Our security consultants work in ever changing world of security solutions, risk management and identifying threats. This is all we do. We keep ourselves appraised of the newest technology, latest disciplines and changes in legislation and the effects of those changes on the services we deliver.

Creating Changes

When clients wants to create change, our consultants provide assistance. This is called change management. We are much more objective, and able to add value through pre-existing expertise and our independent position. Creating change can be a complex task. Temporary expert help can provide real measurable results.

We cover the whole of the UK and are fully insured and accredited, so get in touch today to discuss your needs


Our Simple 4 Step Security Process





Case Study

In 2019 Aldermans were asked to carry out a security audit of 3 properties situated within the UK owned by an overseas client. The objective was to create an intergated security system controlled at the centre by a full time security team of guards and CCTV staff. A comprehensive assessment was prepared with recommendations highlighting areas of immediate concern, and measures that could be implemented over time.

Our consultants were then tasked to identify appropriate suppliers and contractors along with overseeing the execution of our recommendations.

Following the work being successfully completed, the client engaged us to manage the security aspect of each site, creating and applying the stategic policies that oversee the day to day activity on the sites. Acting as the client's personal security advisor, we are available to react to incidents and situations as they arose, negating the need for a full time presence. 

The advantage to the client in having their own security advisor in this case is our independence and availability. We provide immediate, impartial advice with an acute understanding of how the client wishes to utilise security and it's impact on their lifestyle, along with knowing what measure are already in place.  


All enquiries are welcome

Aldermans security consultants are an established part of the security community, and we are reachable Monday - Friday, between 9am and 5pm

We have offices in: Central London and Manchester. If you need the services of a security consultant feel free to get in touch and speak with us to discuss your security requirements.