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Arranging and organising personal security can be a complicated and time consuming problem. You’re buying a service of prevention and protection that could potentially, if not done right could put you and your loved ones at risk of danger and becoming a victim of crime. How do you know that you’re making the right choices about securing your home or protecting your well being? Are you sure you’re getting the best possible security service for your needs and lifestyle? The options out there can seem bewildering.

Aldermans Security Consultants are able to manage the needs of private and corporate clients, acting as a one stop shop for all their security needs. Operating as an expert independent security manager or overseeing a specific one off security project, we see first-hand how the expertise and knowledge of our security consultants benefit our clients in London.

8 Reasons Why It Makes Sense To Hire a Security Consultant in London:

1. Saves the Client Time

It’s always a daunting task for clients to solve their own personal security problems. Dedicating time to identifying and hiring the right security provider, the appropriate security technology or organising a security plan for a forthcoming trip, can take up a great deal of time and effort.

This essential task usually ends up taking more time than you bargained for along with having the issue of having to be available for site visits, meetings and administrational duties etc. However, if you hire a security consultant, they are the experts who are able to focus their efforts towards addressing all these issues, as well as ensuring you receive the most effective solution for the job, bringing together all the necessary security measures in a seamless no hassle project.

You can then dedicate all this extra time to concentrate on your lives and businesses, knowing that your security needs are in the hands of a security professional.

2. Leave it the Experts

With over 30 years experince, we believe we possess the right expertise. During this time we have gained global security knowledge and industry capability. A good security consultant has a track record that can be challenged and checked. A significant number of our clients use us as their personal security manager following word of mouth recommendations from friends and business associates.

There is no better endorsement than having a client who trusts our effectiveness and ability and is willing to promote this fact.

 3. A Professional Perspective 

As independent security consultants, we are hired to identify specific physical security problems and concerns. Clients and their staff are sometimes too close to a problem to identify it. That's when a security consultant can take a broader view and implement the most effective solutions. Combining industry knowledge, a wealth of experience and being able to identify the most effective solution available, allows clients to receive the best security advice in London.

4. A Good Financial Decision

A physical security consultant can supplement a clients existing staff. We are regularly called in to support a security team already engaged by the client. These clients often discover they can save money by hiring a security consultant when they are needed, rather than hiring additional full-time employees. A personal independent security consultant can also save money as the client isn't required to pay benefits to the consultants they hire.

Even though a consultant's fees are generally higher than an employee's salary, over time it makes good economic sense to hire a security consultant.

5. Independent & Current

A security consultant can act as a catalyst for change. Security matters periodically require review and development. An independent security consultant is able to identify new security threats and vulnerabilities, particularly surrounding physical security whereby guards and security staff become complacent and a potential threat themselves.

A consultant may be brought in to implement the changes without affecting the integrity of the client or their business.

6. Security Industry Knowledge

A security consultant provides much-needed objectivity. Who else is more qualified to identify a security problem than a security consultant? A good consultant provides an objective, fresh viewpoint taking a comprehensive view of all areas surrounding a clients security needs.

Our consultants maintain an awareness of new industry trends and technology and remain vigilant to current and emerging crime patterns and threats that could impact on our clients security and well-being. We are also able to draw on our experience in past projects and scenarios. 

7. Client Focus

A security consultant can be hired to train and provide awareness. As security specialists focusing on private clients, we are called on to deliver expert advice regarding travel security, home security and current threats that can be mitigated by making our clients fully aware of the current issues.

It's our responsibility and task as the consultant to keep up with developments in our field of expertise so we're always ready to offer new clients what they need to know to stay secure and protected. As your own private security manager, we are always available.

8. Effective & Always Available

With a 24/7 response service, our security consultancy is there when you need them. Whether you've been a victim of crime and need urgent security assistance, or have a crisis that requires our expertise we are here.

An independent security consultant gives you choice, As we are not affiliated to one particular security provider, we are able to compare and identify the most suitable and effective security measure available to deliver the best security solution.

With our knowledge of the security market, we find the client the right blend of service, cost and effectiveness.

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