Aldermans Security Consultants 

Aldermans Security Consultants was founded to provide high level personal security to clients whose needs are specific and require a level service second to none. With offices in London, Manchester and Leicester, Aldermans are able to look after the needs of its clients throughout the UK and globally.

With an equally experienced team of specialist security consultants working for them, Aldermans have the scope and ability to provide dedicated support and expertise for all their clients security needs.

With most key personnel drawn from military, police and IT security backgrounds, the company has long prided itself on core values of service, reliability, loyalty and integrity. Together, these qualities have made us a successful and necessary security asset to our clients wellbeing.

Over the years, Aldermans have delivered proven, reliable and effective security strategies to a growing list of high net worth and VIP clients, offering professional and flexible security support.

Our clients agree that we provide them with peace of mind, reassurance and trust which allows them to enjoy and maintain a lifestyle without the fear and anxieties poor security creates.

Director - Paul Telford 

Throughout his Police career, Paul has strived to be the best at what he does and this is reflected in him reaching the highest ranks within the Police service. Having returned from working in the Philippines where he was in command of a security task force for a number of VIP's and their families, Paul has immersed himself into the security needs of our established clients both here in the UK and overseas.

As co-director of Aldermans, Paul brings over 30 years experience in security and risk management. Understanding our clients' needs and creating dynamic and resourceful security is where his strengths are. His ability to handle immediate critical incidents demonstrates the expertise he gained in managing threats such as blackmail, kidnap and extortion, both in the political / celebrity world and that of senior executive level.

"what sets Aldermans apart from other security consultants is our independence and flexibilty in delivering exactly what the client requires. Through our experience, we recognise the most effective security solutions available and acknowledge the technology and security measures we put in place are gold standard, capable of protecting today and in the future."


Director - Stephen Helliwell 

Following a distinguished and decorated Police career, Stephen has worked as security advisor and consultant for a number of high net worth clients, providing security advice and support ranging from risk assessment for home and travel, arrangement and provision of close protection staff for overseas visitors, to identifying security weaknesses and implementing strengthened security for HNWI, celebrities and senior executives.

With a strong hands on operational background, Stephen has an in depth knowledge of the most effective security solutions on the market, including access control technology, CCTV systems, close protection staff (bodyguards) and counter surveillance strategies. For the past 7 years he has been consulting high profile clients on all aspects of personal security, providing invaluable information on evolving threats, cyber security and the increase in domestic terrorism.

"understanding how our clients live their lives is a fundamental part of us creating a security strategy and environment that allows them to go about their daily business, confident that their safety and well-being has been thought through and the measures put in place are robust enough to deal with any incident". 


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