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Physical Security Risk Assessments

Aldermans provide physical security risk and threat assessments, delivered with actionable recommendations to improve your security position, using internationally recognised standards, combined with the best technology available.

As a security risk assessment company, we offer bespoke effective solutions to the unique problems you face when managing security vulnerabilities.

Clients looking to enhance, extend or modernise their current security measures have a vast number of solutions to consider, but what will be right for them, will it integrate with other security elements being considered, and will it remain up to the task?

We work with private and corporate clients across London and the home counties to ensure all these questions are answered and solved. Our physical security assessments are comprehensive, detailed and always keep the client and assets in mind.

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Aldermans Security Risk Assessment - ISO 31000

The ISO 31000 Risk Management Framework is an international standard that provides us as security consultants, guidelines and principles for risk management from the International Organisation for Standardisation. It seeks to assist us in taking a methodical approach to risk management by doing three key things:

  • identify risks;
  • evaluate the probability of an event tied to an identified risk occurring; and
  • determine the severity of the problems caused by the event occurring.

As such, this standardisation does not seek to eliminate risks, because the total removal of all risks is impossible. Instead, it is meant to help us identify the risks and establish a strategy for mitigating or reducing them.

What are the Benefits of the security risk management framework?

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There are several benefits associated with adopting the standard, including the following:

  • Proven effectiveness  Because ISO 31000 is an internationally recognised standard, it is used by countless organisations. This means that methodology has been thoroughly tested and proved to be effective.
  • Address risks in a standardised method When we implement this standard, it acts as a template that assists us identify key drivers of risk. It establishes risk criteria and risk treatments in a standardised way.
  • Increase the organisation's profitability When a client mitigates unnecessary risks, it also reduces the potential for financial damage stemming from events tied to that risk.
  • Utilise what is already in place ISO 31000 is just one of many ISO standards. The various standards are designed to work together, which means that clients may be able to incorporate the work that they have already done into their ISO 31000 strategy.
  • It can drive a business or private client to be more pre-emptive A good ISO 31000 implementation can help a client shift from being reactive to taking a more proactive approach at risk mitigation.

Why Is Corporate Security Risk Managment So Important?

Communication is the key. Consulting with our clients to identify a clear picture of their current security status, how they wish to enhance their security going forward and reviewing each stage of the security assessment process and implementation is paramount to creating an effective security plan. 

    • Risk identification.The goal is to find and define risks that could harm or hinder a clients lifestyle or a company's business objectives.
    • Risk analysis.The goal is to evaluate and comprehend any risks and their features, including the risk level, complexity, sources, probability, circumstances and effective controls.
    • Risk evaluation.The goal is to compare the risk analysis to the risk criteria to figure out where action is needed and support those decisions.

Along with the three key elements, we aslo adopt further implemention steps:

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  • Risk treatment. The purpose of this step is to choose and apply risk management options.
  • Monitoring and review. This step should take place during all stages of the implementation process. The goal is to assess the effectiveness of the process implementation and find any room for improvement.
  • Recording and reporting. This step aims to document the implementationprocess and communicate activities and outcomes to the client.

If you would like to know more about our security risk assesment service, or would like to have an assessment carried out, feel free to contact us.

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Commercial Security Risk Assessment Service London

An in-depth physical security assessment helps you prevent and reduce risk, minimise breach impact, and protect against current and future threats.

Our risk and threat assessments evaluate your overall security infrastructure, applications and operations, including:Physical security risk management London

  • Property, assets & personal security assessment and analysis
  • Assess use of human security and their effectiveness
  • Vulnerability assessment and penetration testing
  • Assess suitability to security technology & infrastructure
  • Policy and procedure review and design
  • Emergency agencies response & policies review 
  • Crime patterns and behaviour that could impact our clients in London

We provide a variety of deliverables that typically include detailed reports, risk assessments and executive overviews through to high-level presentations.

Our recommendations provide realistic effective options for the client to consider and implement, along with the capability for us to provide project management and oversight of the whole process

Our methodology for these security assessments is derived from years of real-world enterprise, global security practices and investigative experience. This is supported by an understanding of each client’s unique environment, risk tolerances and threat landscape to deliver a focused solution that is current, actionable and appropriate.

Our security risk assessments are used by clients across London:  

Find out more about our home security risk assessment here.

Looking to Improve Your Security Position?

Are you seeking a comprehensive risk and physical security assessment for your business or organisation?

Look no further than Aldermans Consultants, one of the UK’s industry leading physical security assessment companies. 

At Aldermans, we understand that every organisation is unique and faces different security challenges.

We offer internationally recognised risk and physical security assessments to meet your specific needs. Our team of security experts includes experienced professionals in risk assessment, physical security assessment, and physical security consulting services.

Our risk and physical security assessment is designed to provide clients with a thorough evaluation of their organisation’s security weaknesses, vulnerabilities and threats. We use a holistic approach to evaluate all aspects of your security programs, including physical security, policies and procedures, emergency response plans, and security management programs. Our team will work with you to identify potential security gaps and recommend mitigation measures to reduce your overall risk.

Our physical security assessment focuses on the physical security measures in place at your organisation, including access control, surveillance systems, and perimeter security. We evaluate the effectiveness of these security controls and recommend replacement and improvements to enhance your current security posture.

At Aldermans, we pride ourselves on providing our clients with actionable, affordable and effective recommendations and solutions. Our security team will work closely with you to develop a prioritised security plan to address any gaps or vulnerabilities identified during the assessment process.

Investing in a risk and physical security assessment is critical in protecting your business or organisation and its assets. With Aldermans expertise, you can be rest assured that you are taking the necessary steps to ensure the protection, safety and security of your organisation.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Contact Aldermans today to schedule your risk and physical security assessment and take the first step toward improving your organisation’s security position.



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