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Security Assessments for Private Developments, Cooperatives, & Private Estates

We provide expert security solutions to private clients, landlords property management companies and residential co-operative boards in London and the Home Counties, who are seeking a risk managment based security review of a private development, which include:

  • Prevention of crime strategy
  • Mitigating risk from nuisance and anti social behaviour
  • Perimeter security measures
  • Access control solutions
  • Visitor control
  • Effective CCTV and monitoring capability
  • Restricted access to common-use facilities (Bin rooms, Bike storage etc)

Our comprehensive threat and risk assesments are are necessary to ensure clients deal with current threats and problems and are able to counter any future security issues, creating a security plan that delivers a safe and protected environment.

Whilst any current security measures in place are likely to be building-code compliant they are usually outdated and often not fit-for-purpose given local security risk context, for example deliveries being stolen, bike thefts from behind key-pad locked doors, rough sleepers and drug taking in refuse stores and communal areas.Building security review Mayfair

The outcome from our security review should be a suite of security related improvements based on a comprehensive risk-assessment. The latter will take into account all the resident security reports made, security system performance reports, consultation with residents and local crime information e.g. consultation with local Police, crime reports etc. 

Our bespoke security risk assessments are compiled for review by the client, co-operative / management company's board prior to finalisation of the recommended security measures.Mayfair residential security audit

We provide two deliverables from the assessment which will be the risk assessment in executive summary and final security improvement recommendations, noting the requirement for the client's review of the risk assessment before proceeding to recommendations.

Recommendations will prioritise measures that deter, detect and delay and be limited to passive security measures i.e. incorporated into the building's architecture. 

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Our Simple 4 Step Security Process


We assess your security profile, current security measures and security needs to understand your risk position


Through our security assessment process, we identify risk, weaknesses and vulnerabilities to areas you wish to protect and secure


We create an effective, comprehensive security plan to eliminate or mitigate the risks identified in line with needs and budget


As an independent security consultant, we oversee the implementation of the security assessment and strategy

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