Executive Protection Bodyguard Services 

Executive personal protection professionals, more commonly known as bodyguards, are trained individuals who are entrusted with the personal security of individuals.

Personal protection experts often work for our clients who value their personal security as well as celebrities, corporate leaders, political figures, and people who are at a heightened risk of personal attack.

Aldermans work with the leading bodyguard specialists here in the UK and overseas, providing both male and female staff who are able to integrate into any environment.

When using bodyguard protection, we identify and arrange for the specific type of protection to suit the client’s needs and lifestyle.

Executive protection services can be used in a host of environments including:

  • Public events
  • Overseas travel
  • Private engagements
  • Celebrity events
  • Provide a presence for people who are being stalked or threatened.
  • Shopping trips
  • Escort valuable assets
  • Family gatherings

Bodyguards are used primarily to keep the client safe, and identify any potential threat. The companies we use are much more than that.

At Aldermans we leave nothing to chance and prepare for anything, therefore the personal protection companies we work alongside, assess each situation, identify exit strategies, are able to resolve conflict, and leave nothing to chance.

All bodyguards are licensed and operate within the repective countries legal parameters.

Here are some of the bodyguard services that our executive VIP close protection specialists can provide.

  • Perform an initial sweep of meeting spaces prior to attendance
  • Create escape plans and RV points
  • Drive executives to and from business locations
  • Keep a close watch for potential attackers
  • Provide protection during periods of travel
  • Provide protection 24/7

If you require the services of a bodyguard for either long term or a specific event, contact us to discuss your requirements.

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