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Aldermans Security Consultants conduct comprehensive Home Security Assessments, reviews and audits at residential properties of all types and sizes across London and the South East.

Our comprehensive assessments provide our client's with a complete review of all aspects of physical and technical security at your home, ensuring you are protected and safe.

Our typical physical Home Security Assessment includes:

  • Interviews with home occupants to gain an understanding of security concerns, past security problems, and daily activities at the home.
  • Review of family safety, security and evacuation plans.
  • Survey of exterior perimeter of site and home, including examination of site boundaries, perimeter fencing, landscaping, security lighting, and signage.
  • Survey of interior of home, including living areas, sleeping areas, and storage areas.
  • Review of physical security devices, including doors, windows, safes, and lock hardware.
  • Examination of the ten common security vulnerabilities that make your home vulnerable to an attack by intruders.
  • Review of safe rooms and other systems including perimeter protection, CCTV and security lighting used to protect against home invasion.
  • Review of security systems, including intrusion alarm systems, panic alarm systems, video surveillance systems, and security intercom systems.
  • Identification of likely security risks and potential threats.
  • Review of history of losses and security incidents.
  • Review of the use of security guard or patrol services.
  • Preparation of Home Security Assessment Report.
  • Treatment plan and strategy identifying what needs to be done.

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Complete Home Security Solutions

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Why Get A Home Security Assessment?

Our Residential Security Review & Audit report provides an objective evaluation of your existing security measures, identifies areas of security weakness, and provides a list of specific recommendations for security improvements at your home.

Recommendations for security improvements are prioritised into three categories:

1) Urgent problems that should be corrected immediately

2) Things that would greatly improve security at the home

3) Optional enhancements to security

After the assessment, Aldermans Consultants remain available to help the client with implementing the recommendations we have made.

Our services can include design and planning of security improvements, preparing specifications for security equipment or services, assisting with identification and selection of vendors or contractors, reviewing vendor or contractor proposals, overseeing the installation of security improvements, or providing security awareness training. We also offer clients the service as acting security managers, overseeing the client's security requirments. 

To obtain a free quotation on what it would cost to have a Home Security Assessment performed at your home, please contact us.

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