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Commercial Property Security Risk Assessment & Solutions

Aldermans Consultants core purpose is to provide guidance and creative technology solutions to make the places we work, play, learn and live secure, safe, and welcoming.

We are an independent security consulting firm with offices in Central London. Our areas of delivering effective security assessments and security strategies across London and the Home Counties cover a range of sectors:

  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Financial organisations
  • Educational facilites, schools & colleges
  • Corporate & PLC entities
  • Land owners
  • Property developers
  • Architects
  • JVC's 
  • Multi occupancy offices
  • Private landlords & agents

The convergence of our expertise in access control, perimeter detection, alarms and CCTV strengthens our design process and leads to improved outcomes for our clients. Aldermans security consultancy delivers a consistent methodology both locally and globally. Our approach has been the key to the successful delivery of over hundreds of projects on commercial property's throughout London and globally. Our shared infrastructure includes a training and education program and a consistent delivery process.

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Comprehensive Physical Security Assessments for London

Our security consultants are able to assess and evaluate physical security from an objective standpoint, putting our client's employees, visitors, and the environment first.

An integrated building security review and design is made up three integral components:

  • Architectural 
  • Operational 
  • Security Technology

One Stop Solution for everything security

From high volume personnel areas, to secure, research and development facilities, our security consultants offer these comprehensive services:

  • Building Risk & Vulnerability Assessments
  • Security Survey & Needs Assessments 
  • Security Program Audits
  • Life Cycle Assessments
  • Policy & Program Assessments

Professional Bespoke Security Solutions

Our consultants are known for establishing effective security programs by utilising a balance of physical, operational, and technical innovations.

We pride ourselves on our loyalty to our London based clients, independent of vendors, manufacturers or integrators. Our impartiality means that we are able to craft an objective and appropriate solution that is specific to your project's operational goals and budget.

 Building Security Reviews & Assessments

Our property security reviews and solutions are tailored to the needs of individual clients via a comprehensive needs analysis which allows us to be selective with mitigation techniques that range from well established to cutting edge.

To provide adequate protection for your building, we make sure all physical, operational and technical elements operate in concert with one another.

Building & People Security Audit

Our comprehensive and integrated security approach will save time, money and lives.

When considering the implementation of an effective security posture, we look beyond the individual asset or area we want to protect. Integrated security means a change of mindset, which will ultimately lead to better results. Rather than simply thinking about how to stop a threat once it arrives, we look at how to prevent or disrupt threats before they even occur.

Read about our London commercial security case studies here.

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Security Audits & Reviews For Buildings 

As established security professionals, we understand a security system should be designed to provide a site / facility with the operational flexibility to provide layers of security.

We employ a 5-layered approach to assess security; starting outside and working our way through a building or set of spaces.Security consultancy London

Areas we assess include:

  • Risks and Threats 
  • Security Technology and Systems 
  • Security Infrastructure > Policies and Procedures 
  • Security Standards 
  • Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED)

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Commercial Security consulting 

Aldermans holistic security consulting services include current and emerging threat assessments, policy review and development, and master planning.

We help businesses and organisations create robust security environments with services that include threat assessments, policy review and development, and strategic planning.

Security decisions made today can influence an organisation’s security and resilience for years to come. Our comprehensive security consulting services enable clients to feel more confident about the actions they take to protect their employees, operations, facilities, and assets.

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Our security consultants have decades of knowledge and experience advising private clients and corporations across a range of industries, from construction, manufacturing, and transportation, to pharma, hospitality, and NGO's. We help clients create a robust security environment with services that include current and emerging threat assessments, policy review and development, and strategic planning.

Integrated Security Consulting Framework for Stronger Risk Mitigation

Based on industry best practices as well as real-world experience, our holistic approach to security consulting reflects the connected environment of today’s businesses. We believe an integrated security framework provides stronger, cohesive protection to mitigate threats to your organisation, today and in the future.

By assessing your security challenges from different perspectives, Aldermans security specialists help clients better prevent, plan for, and respond to threats.

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Fit for purpose security solutions

In a world of evolving threats from crime and terrorism, we bring peace of mind to clients with innovative and balanced security strategies combined with wide-ranging solutions to safeguard people, property, businesses, industry and organisations.

Our approach is to develop and create an integrated security strategy which combines planning, technology and management, along with physical, technical and procedural solutions, considering current and future security requirements. Criminals and terrorists constantly seek new ways to penetrate security defences, that’s why we design flexibility into our security solutions to ensure they can be adapted as new threats emerge and are identified.

Security is subject to a glut of government and industry standards, police recommendations and planning requirements. At Aldermans, we combine our knowledge of these along with our insight into the workings if criminal behaviour, and our analysis of local crime patterns, to which we apply our technical expertise to the optimisation of our clients’ budgets for security provision. By working closely with specialist security engineers and architects, we deliver fit-for-purpose security solutions that aim to blend with the architecture and support the function of the building.

Technical Security Solutions for Improved Security

Our technical security solutions include, among other things, video surveillance, access control, intrusion detection and communications systems, prohibited object and substance detection equipment, real-time location systems, emergency notification devices and perimeter protection design. We work in close partnership with multi-discipline design teams to ensure that security systems are integrated with a project’s building systems, such as public address, lighting, vertical transportation, visitor management along with fire and life safety systems. In addition to system design, we support our clients through the tender and construction process, conduct on-site compliance reviews and participate in final system testing and commissioning.

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Expert security Giving You Peace of Mind

Our London security consultancy has a wide-ranging civilian, police and military personnel backgrounds and extensive operational and industry experience. This, combined with the expertise of colleagues across project design teams and our in-house specialists in security-relevant fields such as people management, IT network security and enterprise resilience, allows us to develop highly effective, efficient and holistic security strategies to mitigate and negate the threat of crime and terrorism for properties of all kinds, ensuring peace of mind for our clients and the occupants of their buildings.

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Aldermans Security Risk Assessment - ISO 31000

The ISO 31000 Risk Management Framework is an international standard that provides us as security consultants, guidelines and principles for risk management from the International Organisation for Standardisation. It seeks to assist us in taking a methodical approach to risk management by doing three key things:

  • identify risks;
  • evaluate the probability of an event tied to an identified risk occurring; and
  • determine the severity of the problems caused by the event occurring.

As such, this standardisation does not seek to eliminate risks, because the total removal of all risks is impossible. Instead, it is meant to help us identify the risks and establish a strategy for mitigating or reducing them.

What are the Benefits and challenges the ISO 31000 risk management frameworkSecurity assessment provider London

There are several benefits associated with adopting the standard, including the following:

  • Proven effectiveness  Because ISO 31000 is an internationally recognised standard, it is used by countless organisations. This means that methodology has been thoroughly tested and proved to be effective.
  • Address risks in a standardised method When we implement this standard, it acts as a template that assists us identify key drivers of risk. It establishes risk criteria and risk treatments in a standardised way.
  • Increase the organisation's profitability When a client mitigates unnecessary risks, it also reduces the potential for financial damage stemming from events tied to that risk.
  • Utilise what is already in place ISO 31000 is just one of many ISO standards. The various standards are designed to work together, which means that clients may be able to incorporate the work that they have already done into their ISO 31000 strategy.
  • It can drive a business or private client to be more pre-emptive A good ISO 31000 implementation can help a client shift from being reactive to taking a more proactive approach at risk mitigation.