Residential security risk assessment London

Residential security risk Assessments London

A comprehensive security survey that ensures homes, people and assets are secure and protected

Home security surveys are critical to ensuring your home is protected and stays protected even against the most determined intruders and criminals. 

By thoroughly examining the fabric and structure of the building, along with understanding the clients lifestyle and requirements, a residential security surveys identify where the weaknesses and vulnerabilities are missing, inadequate, or ineffective, and identify what is necessary to correct the issues and create a robust strenghtened security strategy.

Effective and robust home security always starts with a survey!Home security review london

Our Simple 4 Step Security Process


We assess your security profile, current security measures and security needs to understand your risk position


Through our security assessment process, we identify risk, weaknesses and vulnerabilities to areas you wish to protect and secure


We create an effective, comprehensive security plan to eliminate or mitigate the risks identified in line with needs and budget


As an independent security consultant, we oversee the implementation of the security assessment and strategy

How we deliver our home security survey solutions to clients across London

Our residential security solutions provide you with options on how best to protect your home, keeping your personal requirements and budget in mind. We understand that clients tastes differ in terms of creating a super secure environment to less non intrusive means of staying protected. Some clients prefer to let the technology take up the strain, where others like the idea of a physical presence on site nearby.

From CCTV cameras to perimeter detection, access control to motion detection lighting, guarding to monitoring, if it has a role to play in home security, our surveys will ensure it will be tested, analysed, considered and evaluated, categorising the risk, and creating a treatment plan. 

We pride ourselves on:

Thorough, comprehensive survey scope – we survey the complete site and surounding vicinity, along with hardware, power supply's, access routes, visitor / staff movments, access points, key control, alarms, crisis planning, internal access, perimeter detection, CCTV, monitoring, recording and management of CCTV system 

Going beyond the visual, by understanding the clients profile, lifestyle, personal security requirements, clients perception of threat, carrying out local and national crime pattern analysis to identify current / emerging trends and incidents

Delivering comprehensive reports supported with photographic evidence (and plans where approriate) to help you understand the extent of the risks and vulnerabilities identified

Recommending bespoke security strategies, hardware, methods, technology and protocols to help you create an integrated effective secure environment

Providing excellent customer service, delivering on time, always being available to explain so the client understands what we are seeking to do and how we are going to do it, 

Extensive understanding and experience in the security industry

We came to being a security consultancy through extensive experience in the British Police and UK Military, so we know not only how to keep people safe and secure, but we undertand risk, can identify it and prepare meticulously to remove or mitigate it. But at the heart of our approach to home and residential security is prevention. Our prevention methodolgy allows us to minimise threats and weaknesses, thus creating robust strategies and security countermeasures to maintain protection to our clients, their families and assets.

We have extensive knowledge of the home invasion landscape and what it takes to maintain a level of protection, particulalrly for wealthy individuals and families who live in and around London.

If you would like to know more about our home security survey for London properties, contact us today. Call 0208 1917313.

Residential Security Assessments For Today and Tomorrow

Our home security assessments look not only at what is there now, but what came before it, and what is likely in the future– this is what we plan for. The world and the way in which live and co-exist is shifting constantly, so this is how we prepare. If your security system requires an overhaul and fresh look at it's effectiveness, contact us today. We can provide you with a plan to cover all your security requirements.

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Understanding the risk is the foundation of effective security

Many people fall victim to crime despite spending thousands on a home security system. The main reason is that the security has been evaluated or viewed incorrectly, and the security guard at the gate, the dog roaming the grounds or the alarm system onsite is seen as sufficient.

Unfortunately, this is not the case, and it is necessary, if you wish to have effective and strong personal security to withstand the threats, you require a comprehensive security plan to mitigate those threats, and the elements of that security plan compliment and support each other to create an impenetrable defence attacker intrusion. This is where a London Property Security Review has become a necessity.

Todays criminals have access to the wealth of information available freely on the internet. When targeting executive homes and affluent individuals, criminals generally plan extensively, and the target is put under surveillance over a period of time before they actually strike. It is not unusual for the offenders to have more knowledge of the security system used than the homeowner.

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To be able to secure your property, one needs to stay one step ahead of the criminal element. This is where the Independent Security Consultant will be able to assist you through the Property Security Risk Assessment process.

Aldermans Security Consultants of London aims to aid and provide knowledge to wealthy and high net worth clients, to make their personal security, families, assets and their homes protected from crime by placing them in control of their security.

If you live in London or the Home Counties and would like a detailed review of your current home security, contact us for free advice and a quote for our services. 
Home security review london

"We suffered a burglary in January 2023 to our home in London, which really shook us up and caused a lot of upset. It also made us realise how we had neglected the security to our property. We wanted an independent perspective to give us ideas on how we could prevent this from occurring again. Aldermans were very professional and gave us a real detailed report on where we were vulnerable and what we could do to deter something happening in the future. In light of the Police no longer offering this service, I think Aldermans do a great job at crime prevention, and giving expert advice".

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