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Corporate Security Risk Management Services

Aldermans security consultants offer comprehensive security risk assessments to businesses and organisations in London and the Home Counties.

Our detailed physical security risk assessments are built with a clear objective - to identify the weaknesses and vulnerabilities that make your business an attractive and profitable target to organised criminals, rogue employees, trespassers, and politically motivated antagonists.

Driven by an expert team confident working in high-risk environments, our risk assessment will provide you with all the information you need to understand and improve the security resilience for your business, its people, assets and reputation.

Complete with cost v risk guidance, the security risk assessment will help you concentrate on which areas to tackle first and will ensure you are investing in the right people, hardware, and technologies to keep current and future risks preventable, or under control.

With this information in hand, you may wish to engage our team to implement or handle the necessary recommendations - whatever suits your business best.corporate security assessment London

Our Simple 4 Step Security Process


We assess your security profile, current security measures and security needs to understand your risk position


Through our security assessment process, we identify risk, weaknesses and vulnerabilities to areas you wish to protect and secure


We create an effective, comprehensive security plan to eliminate or mitigate the risks identified in line with needs and budget


As an independent security consultant, we oversee the implementation of the security assessment and strategy

Corporate Security Surveys and Risk Assessments

An effective, robust and maintained security system for your London commercial property, business, government building or workplace, provides a safe, protected and secure environment for colleagues, clients, visitors, buildings and assets. The right security system can reduce liabilities, insurance claims, and business interruptions, as well as protecting the reputation of the brand.

To understand if your business or organisatiion has adequate security and protection is to carry out a detailed security review. 

The purpose of the review is to examine current security measures and protocols, and the overall security regime, from top to bottom. 

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Commercial Property Security Assessments London

Aldermans security consultancy are the leading security risk management providers, and we have created a proven 5-step process that maximises resilience, whilst minimising impact to your day-to-day operations.

Business Engagment

Our priority is to protect your business - and that starts with understanding it

Our risk assessment process begins with speaking all the major stakeholders and people with responsibility for matters surrounding security

We use this information to understand your perception of threat and incorporate it into our security review

Risk Identification - Analysis - Evaluation

Working to the ISO 31000 Process we identify potential risks, analyse exisiting controls and evaluate current risks

Risk Treatment

Our security assessments include people,processes, technology and external factors (environmental, geo social, political) and create a plan that is appropriate to the risks and threats, but also achievable, actionable and of cost benefit to the client.

Implementation & Delivery

Following a walk through of our report and presentation, if the client prefers, we are able to work with the client in establishing the agreed security principles along with the policies and protocols that manage the processes.

Monitoring & Review

These elements of the assessemnt process are typically considered to be continual and concurrent practices and run constantly throughout the risk assessment

Business security for the demands of today and tomorrow

From tenants and employees to visitors and shoppers, people need to feel secure and safe in your building. Security in the car park is equally as important in the reception, communal areas and corridors, as well as inside offices and warehouses.

In today’s tech-driven and mobile-enabled world, however, security means much more than ensuring wellbeing and loss prevention. It’s about meeting lifestyles’ demands, providing convenience, access and functionality for those that manage systems and everyone they keep protected.

Solutions that previously operated as standalone services must be integrated with facets that are tailored to the uniqueness of each property.

The security you need, experience you can trust

Aldermans Security Consultants exists to help businesses rise to the challenges of security breaches, attack, theft, vandalism and trespass. By understanding the risks, guidance through pro-activeness and partnership in protecting your business, we deliver a professional security service that gives you a peace of mind.

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Security Risk Managment - Building Resilience 

Today’s quickly shifting political, socio-economic and environmental environment has created a risk situation that is continuously evolving. The amplified connectivity and dependency on our infrastructure and technology builds increased instability into our society and systems, intensifying the risks arising from unintentional vulnerabilities and human-generated threats.

With innovations in technology, clients are faced with the introduction of new and emerging risks and a need to understand the consequences on current risks.

Our team of security consultants has a 20+ year track record of delivering high-quality physical security advisory services helping private clients and organisations to understand their exposure to threats and make better informed decisions. Aldermans resilience, security and risk experts have seen traditional and developing risks become increasingly irregular, creating a new reality for our clients. As security professionals, we act as trusted advisors to private- and public-sector clients, ensuring they are able to prepare, adapt and withstand security threats and attacks to their businesses.

We steer our clients throughout the full project lifecycle, driving gaugeable value through our in-depth understanding of managing security and risk in the built environment and of accomplishing resistance in design.

If you would like to now more about how we can help you create a plan to minmise your risk to physical security breaches and attacks, contact us today at 

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