Designing Security Solutions For New Properties & Refurbishments

When building and designing a house, security is an easily overlooked but essential element. It shouldn’t be an add-on, but rather, an integral part of the way a home is designed. It’s the best way to protect the future occupants and give potential buyers peace of mind.

As independent security consultants we provide a bespoke one stop solution for private clients who require a comprehensive security package for their new home.

Residential Security by Design Service

To design and construct a secure home, a collaborative approach to the design process is required, starting at the conceptual phase of the project and continuing throughout the process. It’s important for those persons responsible for the security of the property to interact closely throughout the design and construction process. This means that all interested parties involved in issues pertaining to security understand the concerns of all parties especially those who are going to be living there.

Our comprehensive security risk assessments evaluate the risks and vulnerabilities and create a series of security protocols that mitigate those risks.

Secured by Design (SBD) is a police initiative to guide and encourage those engaged within the specification, design and build of new homes, and those undertaking major or minor property refurbishment, to adopt crime prevention measures. Read more about SBD HERE

Our security recommendations can be tailored to suit the clients’ preferences and needs, these include:

  • Security lighting
  • Perimeter defence
  • Access control
  • CCTV systems
  • Alarm system
  • Guarding
  • CCTV remote monitoring
  • Key holder services
  • Vehicle security

Why Use a Security Consultant 

We work closely with architects and property developers to make sure the security strategy we propose for a new development, is produced with the design of that particular property in mind, along with ensuring the measures are effective in combatting the risks identified.

We work with market leading security suppliers and engineers and have developed a full understanding of what security solutions and technology is available and best suited for a particular task. This way our clients know they are benefiting from the most effective solution, not because 

As independent security consultants, we have the flexibility to source and utilise only the best and most appropriate security measures. 

Clients benefit from using Aldermans as their security consultant because:

  • We save the client time
  • We save the client money 
  • We provide an expert perspective
  • We have a wealth of industry knowledge
  • We save the client stress

Why Choose Aldermans Security Consultants

Our deep crime prevention, security and technology experience gives our clients confidence of our proven ability to assess, design and implement a cohesive and fortified security strategy that prevents and protects.

That’s why, from large-scale new build projects and complex refurbishments, to work on high end properties, our clients trust us to deliver. Our approach is human-centric: we don’t seek to implement the latest technologies regardless of the overall goal – our focus is on the right approach and achieving our clients’ desired outcomes.

If you would like to discuss using Aldermans as your security consultant for a home build or refurbishment, contact us to discuss how we can help