Physical Security Specialists London


What does a physical security specialist do?

As physical security specialists we focus on identifying risks and vulnerabilities to clients personal well-being and threats to their properties and assets.


Once we understand our clients requirements and recognise the threats they face, we implement security measures and protocols that mitigate those riks, using a combination of physical security and technology.


Our responsibilities also include overseeing the installation and monitoring of security alarms and systems, and performing regular maintanance and resilience checks on security systems to ensure its ability and efficiency.


Furthermore, as physical security specialists, we are able to develop and future proof our clients security systems to combat the changing security landscape they encounter.

Our Simple 4 Step Security Process


We assess your security profile, current security measures and security needs to understand your risk position


Through our security assessment process, we identify risk, weaknesses and vulnerabilities to areas you wish to protect and secure


We create an effective, comprehensive security plan to eliminate or mitigate the risks identified in line with needs and budget


As an independent security consultant, we oversee the implementation of the security assessment and strategy

Security Consultancy for London & Home Counties

Mitigating Risk, Overcoming Threats

Aldermans security consulting solutions are tailored to clients’ individual requirements and business goals. Our security consultants collaborate across multiple disciplines, drawing on industry best practices to build creative solutions for a client’s unique objectives.

Through methodical processes, Aldermans consulting professionals analyse threats, risks and vulnerabilities in order to design superior security solutions.

Our unparalleled range of Security Services includes:

  • Pre-Deployment Information Collection
  • Assessment Report Development and Review Process
  • Security Assessment 
  • Key Personnel Interviews
  • Identifying Industry Standard Products
  • Compilation of Tenders
  • Project Manage Implementation
  • Mange Maintenance, Testing & Audit

corporate security assessment London

Our Security Consulting Services




Testing & Audits

  • Personal Security - Threat, Vulnerability and Risk Assessments
  • Executive Residence Assessments
  • Vehicle & High Value Asset Protection Assessments
  • Travel Security Risk Assessments
  • Tabletop Exercises
  • Perimeter Protection Planning
  • Security Personnel Deployment
  • New Construction Security Planning
  • Property Renovation Planning
  • Emergency Action Plan Development
  • Physical Security Compliance Audits
  • Physical Security Penetration Testing
  • IT Security Penetration Testing
  • IT Security Maintenance 
  • Creation of Security Protocols
  • Management of Security Protocols

All Enquiries Are Welcome

Aldermans Security Consultants are an established part of the security community, and we are reachable Monday - Friday, between 9am and 5pm

We have offices in Central London 

Feel free to get in touch and speak with one of our security consultants to discuss your requirements.

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