Personal Security for the Wealthy and High Net Worth Individuals

Aldermans Security Consultants specialises in personal security and premium executive protection. We provide solutions for protecting high-net worth individuals and their families from any type of threat, invasion of privacy, random crime, and unnecessary embarrassment. Our executive protection strategies are deisned to reduce risks to your security and privacy while operating with discretion and allowing you to maintain your normal lifestyle.

Our experience and service is based on the “3 Rings of Protection,” which delivers ultimate protection while minimising intrusiveness and prioritises proactive and preventative personal executive security.

A well-structured and thought out security plan begins with a thorough risk and vulnerability assessment of – as appropriate – your residence(s), assets as well as you and your family’s lifestyle and routines. This allows us to identity, prioritise, and address the most potent sources of risk and exposure.

Executive Protection Agents

The close protection teams we work with are recruited from the ranks of former military and law enforcement as well as some private-sector entities, and must complete a rigorous education, training and certification process in order to be used by us.

In addition to being competent in self defence, combat, and evasive driver training, agents are selected for their people skills and ability to operate into any environment, but equally capable of handling any situation they or their clients find themselves in. 

Aldermans Security Consultants carry out detailed planning, logistics and advance preperation to organise any staff we work with, so they are fully primed as to what is expected of them.

Close protection staff are selected for their experience, ability and professionalism. We utilise people from various demographics in order to satisfy the requirements of our clients. Whether its an imposing athletic male or an innocuous female operative, we have the personnel to suit all needs.

Executive Protection: Residential Security

Protecting your residence(s), family, and personal property is ofteHNWI Securityn at the center of a personal security engagement. We provide 24/7/365 executive protection coverage and response. Our bespoke residential security solutions include the latest technology to combat any threat:

  • Permiter Control with early warning intruder alerts, lighting and sensors
  • Access control utilising biometrics, facial and movement recognition, SMART systems
  • Electronic security systems using AI, virtual reality, cloud orgmentation and remote monitoring
  • CCTV systems that are future proof, HD quality intergrated with physical security measures 

We also provide relevant executive protection security policies and strategies along with personal security awareness training in collaboration with family, staff, and visitors.
Find more about our approach to residential security here.

Private Security: Everyday Life

Clients want to live their lives knowing their security is taken care of and that they can go about their daily lives with peace of mind. Our executive protection strategies are designed with this in mind. Our trained people operate “in the background” and in a covert manner. 

With an ever changing lanscape of threat to personal safety, violence and terrorism, clients need to be on their guard and equipped for a whole host of problems and incidents. Being prepared is the key.  

Aldermans Security Consultants take away that uncertaintity and organise an effective security strategy to combat the threats of today and in the future.

Premium Protection for HNWI's, VIPs and Private Executives

Understanding how clients live and operate is fundamental in us being able to deliver a personal security package that is effective and hassle free for the client.

VIP Security Services London

Affluent individuals with high net worth, effective executive security is imperative for maximum safety and protection. Such individuals of a high profile status are exposed to elevated risks that can put them in a position to lose everything.

Aldermans Security Consultants provide the ultimate protection services that have been specifically designed to address the requirements and lifestyles of high net worth individuals, dignitaries, and their families.

Intergating the latest security techology and individuals that include law enforcement professionals and skilled ex-forces, our clients are protected by expert teams that are proficient in protecting people with high profiles. 


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