Why Is Physical Security Planning So Important?

Why Is Physical Security Planning So Important?

Becoming a victim of crime is a deeply traumatic experience for anyone, often leaving scars physical or mental – that linger for many years after the event.

In recent months we have seen a marked increase in the number of high-profile footballers here in the UK fall victim to violent crime, including robbery, assault and burglary.

It gives the impression that the footballers and their families are seen as easy targets by criminal enterprises, who appear organised and determined.

A possible link to the rise in these incidents is the sports stars (and family’s) use of social media. Criminals will carry out their own intelligence trawl to identify lucrative targets and weak security measures, with a lot of the information gathered by following a footballers social media profile.

So why haven’t these wealthy sports people got the best security?

Unfortunately, like a lot of people, its complacency and ignorance. It won’t happen to me!

Regrettably, as security experts, we are called upon to provide our security consultancy services following an incident occurring. And on examining the client’s security measures, we often see they have not carried out the most basic security risk assessment that would identify areas of weakness and vulnerability.

They have simply put up some CCTV cameras, employed a local security company to provide some questionable "on-site security", without really understanding the threats to them, their family and assets.

“A friend uses this firm, so I decided to go with them”.

Not an ideal approach to protecting the those people and things that mean the most to you.  

Question: What should an individual do to put in place effective security?

Answer: Employ a security consultant.

For personal wealth matters you seek the services of a financial advisor, for health issues, you go to a medical expert.

For matters concerning your personal protection and that of your families, you seek the advice of a security consultant.

At Aldermans, this has been our business for the past 30 + years. We understand the best ways to implement an effective security strategy. A security strategy that allows clients to live a normal life but with the risks associated with their wealth and social profile to be mitigated.  

If you have been the victim of a burglary or robbery at your home, and you would like to review your home security, call us at Aldermans Security Consultants to discuss how we can help secure you improve the scurity protecting your family, property and assets, and prevent another incident occuring.