What are the Benefits of a Security Risk Assessment?

What are the Benefits of a Security Risk Assessment?

Being an important part of physical security practices, security risk assessment protects your environment from intruders, attackers and cyber criminals. In this article, we will discuss what it is and what benefits it offers.

What is security risk assessment?

Security risk assessment is an important part of physical security practices. As its name suggests, security risk assessment involves the detection and alleviation of the security risks threatening a clients physical, personal and property status.

Security risk assessment aims to measure the security posture of the individual, check the whether the measure in place abides by the compliance requirements and industry frameworks. 

Security risk assessment practices control and assess access, deterents, detection, monitoring, reaction, and strategies. This way, security professionals can clearly see the efficiency of the security in place (or lack of it), determine risk factors, come up with detailed plans and solutions, detect vulnerabilities and offer options to alleviate them.

There are various different security assessment types. Below you can find some of them:

Resiliance Testing (aka penetration testing): Resiliance testing aims to simulate a breach or attack to see how well the current security measures work.

Risk Assessment: Risk assessment detects risks and potential losses that can be caused by them.

Vulnerability Assessment: Vulnerability assessment aims to identify vulnerabilities of the security measures and offers solutions to alleviate them.

Compliance Assessment: Compliance assessment confirms compliance with related standards like H&S, GDPA and UK legislation surrounding matters of security.

What are the benefits of security risk assessment? 

Being one of the most integral practices of personal security, security risk assessment offers many benefits. Below you can find some of them.

  1. It helps identify vulnerabilities. With security risk assessment, you can see which parts of the security measures are relatively weak, which parts of the system can be targeted by attackers or what the security threats are for the client. As a result, we can solve such vulnerabilities and enhance the security posture of the client.
  2. It allows a review of security controls. With the help of security risk assessment, we can see how efficient security controls are and how we can upgrade / strengthen them. Moreover, we can take preventive measures in order to increase the effectiveness of the current security controls.
  3. It lets us see if the current methods employed meets industry related compliances and effectiveness. With the help of security risk assessment, we can see if the security measures in place are effective, robust and future proof to deter present threats and potential risk that should be considered in the future.

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