Supercar security

Supercar security

Supercar Security - The Ultimate Private Showroom for your Supercar 

For clients whose passion lies with the automobile, their home is sometimes dedicated to showing off their supercar, designed with showing off their pride and joy, in other words, their own private supercar showroom.

At Aldermans security consultants, we work with some of the most innovative architects and designers in creating secure, safe and customised environments where owners of a classic or supercar collection, can appreciate them in a shared, incredibly visual and elegant environment.

These clients know what they want and have exacting standards to achieve not only the aesthetic look they desire, but also the reassurance that their car is stored in the most secure environments.

Our security expertise recognises that we initially we want to prevent any unauthorised access to the vehicle, and consequently prohibit the vehicle from being removed.

We develop a thorough and detailed risk analysis combined with cutting edge technology in all the security components we apply to creating a secure storage solution.

The security measure we recommend and implement, must be attuned with the surroundings, such as:

  • Discreet and effective biometric access control,
  • Ultra-high-definition CCTV system with facial recognition and movement tracking,
  • Fog security system that create a non-visible space preventing removal of the vehicle or objects and leave intruders with identifying dye
  • Bespoke security lighting integrated to movement detectors, cameras, and alarm system
  • Vehicle tracking system monitored remotely

Every project can reach as far as the individual requires, tailored upon the client’s needs. Our involvement commences at the planning and design stage to ensure our security recommendations fit in with the client’s vision.

Our knowledge and understanding of what the security market has available, allows clients to choose from a plethora of custom options to make sure their supercar security aligns with their needs, style, property bonds, villa type and car park size.

Our supercar security conveys the expertise of professional architects, designers and engineers into the creation of every petrol-head’s dream: the complete enjoyment of their passion.

Whether it’s sport, luxury or vintage, your car is a masterpiece of technology and design: too beautiful to be parked undercover in a dusty garage, but to coveted to be left insecure.

Our security consultants have extensive knowledge in designing supercar security strategies.

We have worked with clients in the UK and overseas in recognising security threats to their vehicles both in storage and whilst enjoying them on the open road.

If you wish to know more about how to design secure car storage for your supercar or classic car, contact us today.

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