Security Staff & Employee Background Checks & Vetting


Can you Trust Your Staff?

Aldermans Consultants offer a range of employee vetting, due diligence and background checks on considered and current employees along with 3rd party contractors and visitors.

This comprehensive and detailed service enables clients to make appropriate decisions and recruit trustworthy, honest and suitable employees who in their role, may have access to various elements of the client’s private affairs. It provides reassurance and confidence that employees, staff and contractors have been appropriately vetted, checked and verified.

Why It's So Important To carry Out Throrough Employee Vetting

Awareness and understanding of the risks to personal safety, assets and reputation is critical, especially where clients of significant wealth have so much to lose.

A client must first understand the level of access their staff have to their lifestyle, privacy and personal circumstances, this starts with accurate and corroborated intelligence.

Aldermans Consultants provides the expertise and practical knowledge required to ensure that the staff client’s employ are trustworthy and honest.

Robust Staff Screening & Background Checks

At Aldermans we understand our client’s position and needs. That’s why our staff screening process is thorough and transparent. We subject each potential employee to the same rigorous processes and interviews, ensuring we leave no stone unturned, no reference verified and all questions answered, before we are satisfied that they are capable of being employed by the client.

Our screening and due diligence processes are thorough and bespoke in accordance with the client's needs:

  • Name and date of birth verified
  • Address visited and verified of occupants and status
  • Accreditations and qualifications checked and verified
  • Standard and Enhanced DBS Checks completed
  • Open Source and Social Media channels checked 
  • Personal interview completed
  • Financial profile completed 
  • Employment status verified
  • Previous employer references contacted and verified
  • Personal references contacted and verified
  • Right to work verified
  • DVLA status checked and verified
  • SIA accreditation checked and verified (where applicable)

Our vetting processes meet the requirements of the British Standards Institute for best practice (BS7858). We are thorough and detailed, and look at all facets of a candidates’ application to ensure they are who they say they are and the information they provide is examined and confirmed to be true and accurate (or not).

We do not outsource any of the visits we carry out, they are conducted by members of our team to ensure clients can rely on a professional and conscientious approach.

If you would like to be assured you are hiring the right staff and want a thorough and detailed vetting procedure carried out, contact us to find out what we do.