Major Sporting Event Security Assessment

Major Sporting Event Security Assessment

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In April 2023, Aldermans Security Consultants were contacted by a global events company requesting us to prepare a security plan and incident response strategy for the forthcoming UEFA Euro Football Championship to be held in Germany in 2024. The events company would be hosting around 75 delegates from their commercial clients guestlist which would include VIP’s, executives and customers of the client.

The plan and strategy is to consider all aspects of their clients visit to Germany including, accommodation, transport, match attendance, hospitality, sightseeing and downtime.    

Aldermans consultants are now in the process of developing a bespoke security concept that will provide maximum security with minimum intrusion.

In creating a safe and secure environment we centre on our 3 core objectives: PLAN PREPARE & PROTECT.

Ultimate Event Physical Security Planning

Creating a ring of protection for the guests and our client’s team to ensure they have a safe, memorable and enjoyable time at the event, involves the collation and analysis of many facets of intelligence and information in order to build a detailed overarching risk assessment.

With our experience we have the capability to engage with all the relevant stakeholders and actors involved in holding the event and those providing services in-country.  

Aldermans consultants look forward to delivering an overarching security assessment and plan for the clients that will result in an excellent fan experience.   

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