Security Following Social Media Threats & Abuse

Security Following Social Media Threats & Abuse

It has been well publicised the distress and upset, vile social media comments that have targeted black and ethnic minority celebrities and sport stars has caused.

In the main, these comments have been posted by faceless cowards who do not possess the intelligence or backbone to carry out the threats and comments they aim at people.

But there is a minority that you cannot ignore. These are the psychopaths and unhinged who do not consider their actions or the consequences.

It’s because of this minority that we have seen an increase in demand for our services to assist people who are fearful of a personal attack on them, their family or their property, and ensure they have adequate security to protect them from such attacks.

Coming to the attention of the public for most celebrities and sport stars it is a necessary part of their job. But being scared and fearful for your personal wellbeing isn’t.

When you have 20k plus followers on a social media channel, it’s difficult to identify and manage those who are intent on doing you harm, and their known intentions may go unobserved.

Even with dedicated PR staff, the volume of incoming messages can be overwhelming.

We advise anyone in the public gaze to take care of your personal security, and don’t wait till an incident occurs.

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