Personal Security Risk Assessments

Aldermans security consultants specialise in conducting systematic and uniquely tailored risk assessments of the threats and vulnerabilities surrounding clients, businesses, families and their assets. 

Our comprehensive security audits and surveys capture weaknesses and vulnerabilities that allow us to develop successful prevention and detection strategies creating a secure and safe environment.

Risk, Threat and Vulnerability Assessments

At Aldermans, we leave nothing to chance and consider everything. Our security audits analyse all aspects of our clients security needs. We adopt the same principles to each aspect of a clients personal security, including home security, personal safety, asset protection and family security.

  • Detailed and rigorous review of a wide range of natural, accidental and human threats.
  • Analysis of risks, threats and vulnerabilities, and the implications and consequences these present to clients well being and lifestyle.
  • Focus includes impacts on strategic security, crisis management, communications, physical and technical security, emergency preparedness and family protection.

Risk Mitigation and Minimising the Threats

Following the completion of a security assessment we provide the client with a list of effective solutions that will deter any potential threat and prevent an incident occuring. These solutions will be incorporate physical security if required, and the very best security technology that will minmise threats today and in the future.

  • Clear description of the security measures required and their effectiveness
  • Source the paramount provider / installer
  • Intergrate each security measure to operate seamlessly
  • Creation of a security policy that users adopt and manage  
  • Review the current security protocols to measure their effectiveness 

Our Simple 4 Step Security Process