Security Assessment For Growing Business

Security Assessment For Growing Business

Aldermans Provide Physical Security Assessments & Reviews for London Commercial Clients

In March 2023, our security consultancy was contacted by a national logistics provider based in London, to carry out an evaluation of their current security controls for three sites, located in the Southeast of England.

The sites functioned in different ways to each other, operating at varying hours and occupied by large numbers of staff, whose movement and behaviour required control and monitoring.

The goods that the client managed were considered to be of value and attractive to criminal enterprises.

Effective Security with matching protocols

The security controls currently being used were considered outdated and ineffective. The client wished to identify what areas were considered a priority to protect and how risks and vulnerabilities could be mitigated with a robust physical security assessment and implementation plan.

Aldermans consultants visited the sites over a period of several days, observing how the sites functioned and the roles of key personnel in terms of maintaining a security presence and managing current security protocols.

Our consultants also carried out interviews with these key stakeholders to better understand what policies were in place, management responsibilities relating to these policies and employees’ responsibilities and actions relating to security breaches, failures, and decisions.

delivering a comprehensive security strategy

Our security consultants delivered a far-reaching document highlighting all security risks and exposures, to the infrastructure of the business, its people, and its assets. This document was supported by a risk mitigation security strategy that could be implemented across the three sites, managed, and maintained in-house and had the ability to evolve with the continued growth of the company.

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