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Physical Security Experts for Schools and the Education Sector

At Aldermans Consultants we seek to ensure the safety and security of all children, staff, visitors and users of a school's facilities, as well as providing protection to the buildings, environments and assets.

Our consultants provide professional industry standard school security strategies, risk assesments and solutions. Possessing over 30 years experience, we create secure and safe educational facilities and learning environments, along with providing effective and robust physical security strategies and policies.

Our team of school security experts have developed and delivered bespoke security packages and consultation services for education facilities and academies throughout the UK. Our goal is to promote the concept that planning to prevent an incident, is preferred to dealing with the aftermath of an incident.   

We posses a deep understanding of school and education security compliance and educational health and safety legislation, which ensures we deliver achievable outcomes that are considered a good investment for the security and wellbeing needs of all those that use the facilities, today and in the security consultants

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School Security Advisors 

Our company is at the forefront of security expertise for schools and the education sector here in the UK.

We provide security consulting services for:

  • Primary schools
  • Secondary schools
  • Colleges
  • 6th form academies
  • Private & independent schools
  • Language schools
  • Summer schools and courses
  • Universities
  • Further educational facilities
  • Special needs facilities

Our Simple 4 Step Security Process


We assess your schools security profile, current security measures and security needs to understand your risk position


Through our security assessment process, we identify risk, weaknesses and vulnerabilities to areas you wish to protect and secure


We create an effective, comprehensive security plan to eliminate or mitigate the risks identified in line with needs and budget


As an independent security consultant, we oversee the implementation of the security assessment and strategy

effective & considered security planning for Your school

Schools and learning establishments across the UK are always considering more effective ways they can offer protection and safety to their students, staff and visitors. Aldermans Consultants is the security company they turn to.

Our process begins with a 360-degree security risk assessment, where readiness is determined, weaknesses are identified, and plans are proposed to make the required improvements to strengthen the environment from incident, intrusion, or attack.

Along with the four stages to our security strategy – Identify, Assess Develop, and Deliver, our focus is always on Prevention.

education facility security advisors

School Security Consultancy Service

We adopt a holistic approach to the security assessment encompassing everything from staff training, CCTV effectiveness, movement of pupils and staff, to lockdown procedures, identification of threats and securing perimeters.

Our security assessments allow senior managers to make informed decisions surrounding their school’s security. Working alongside them, we consider the risks, and what can be done within budget and scope, to remove or at the very least minimise the risk.

We provide guidance in how to effectively engage and work with the emergency services in the event of a crisis or emergency.

Aldermans also offer the service of procurement and implementation of projects, ensuring each aspect is appropriate, effective and value for money.

Our services are committed to preventing and minimising crime, and the fear of crime.

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 Experts on School Security

What we offer as security advisors to the education sector:

  • Educational & school security risk assessment on buildings, personnel, pupils, assets, and infrastructure
  • School security consulting service on CCTV systems, management, maintenance, and compliance
  • School security system design
  • School security patrolling, alarm response and keyholder services
  • School emergency / crisis response and management
  • School lockdown procedure policies and reviews
  • Development and delivery of school crime prevention strategies
  • Educational travel security consultation services, strategies and implementation
  • A comprehensive security and crime prevention advisory service
  • Advice on all types of security systems and crime prevention measures
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Security strategies for schools & UK educational Establishments

Our educational security audits and strategies consider all possible criminal and hostile incident types:

  • Trespasser
  • Hostile former pupil
  • Hostile parent
  • Theft
  • Anti-social behaviour
  • Knife attack
  • Terrorism
  • Firearms incident
  • Criminal damage
  • Arson
  • Stalking / harassment
  • Hostile staff member

All your educational security needs in one place

Our effective school security reviews and assessments consider all aspects of the physical security measures a school utilises including:

  • CCTV
  • Perimeter fencing
  • Access controls
  • Fire and security integration
  • Secure barriers and gates
  • Security lighting
  • Security alarms and response
  • Patrolling and monitoring
  • Keyholding
  • Policies, reviews, maintenance, testing and training

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