A Unified Approach To Personal Security

Each client and every property are different, and each will require a different mix of security solutions to keep it protected.

With over 30 years’ experience in people, property and asset security, Aldermans Security Consultants are able to provide an independent comprehensive security assessment along with impartial advice.

Whether you’re looking to stop theft at your property, prevent trespassers or simply need to install security to a level that meets your personal requirements, we can advise on the most effective and efficient means.

Security assessments are carried out on site along with collecting an understanding of the client’s needs and wishes. Our assessments are thorough and detailed, aimed at ensuring all aspects of the client’s security concerns are met and a solution is considered, evaluated and delivered.

Our security consultants will spend time understanding the threats, current security measures and the preference for people or technology to maintain a level of security that is not only effective but unintrusive to the client’s lifestyle.


As part of our security assessment process, we will:

  • Physically look at the topography of the site
  • Interview persons concerned with the site security
  • Examine current security measures
  • Test effectiveness of current security measures
  • Understand threats / risks to the client, family & visitors
  • Compile an executive summary, detailed analysis & assessment
  • Provide recommendations & implementation plan
  • Provide recommended suppliers, equipment and costings
  • Create review & audit plan for performance / suitability

Our Simple 4 Step Security Process





Security for Clients Who Value Their Safety

We provide security consultancy services throughout the UK and globally. Our aim is to provide a gold standard service and deliver the most effective security for clients who demand the best, with solutions that are designed to improve the security posture of our client’s lifestyle, family and assets.

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