Luxury car Thefts On The Increase

Luxury car Thefts On The Increase

Thieves Targeting Luxury Cars & Supercars 

The Home Office has confirmed there were 101,198 reported vehicle thefts in 2021, more than twice the figure published by the DVLA in February from a recent Freedom of Information (FOI) requested by UK firm Claims Management & Adjustment managing Director Philip Swift.

The FOI was requested following a report by the DVLA that 48,400 cars were stolen during 2021, urging the Government to be better at holding car manufacturers to account for the security vulnerabilities they are failing to address.

In response to the letter, the Home Office stated that the figure was almost 102,000.

The number has dropped from the 180,000 a year in 2006, when the Home Office stopped publishing the annual car theft index. But, Swift said you also have to look at the changing nature of car crime, view the picture as a whole, to understand the size of the problem and how to tackle it. Theft numbers are just one facet.

He added: “20 years ago, the typical vehicle theft was an old Ford Escort worth less than £5k taken for ‘joyriding’ and later recovered. Now, it is a nearly new high-end Range Rover worth £100k stolen by professional criminals and seldom recovered.

"For the victim, being reunited with their pride and joy is far less likely. For the insurance industry, in pound note terms, the current situation is significantly worse.”

Amongst the cars stolen and never recovered were a large number of luxury and super car marques. Thieves use a range of techniques to take away the vehicles, including car jacking victims in their vehicles, breaking into homes and stealing the keys, along with using technology in order to bypass the keyless technology employed by most high value vehicles. 

Earlier this year a number of supercars were found overseas including Thailand where it was discovered a group of foreign car dealers were colluding with car thieves in the UK to steal high value cras, alter their identifiaction and ship them to East asia for onward shipping to other countries. (

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