How To Improve Your Buildings Security

How To Improve Your Buildings Security

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As a building owner or property manager, you want to keep your building and your tenants safe. But at a time of escalating crime, it can be challenging.

Incidents and security breaches can occur, both inside and around your building. Thankfully, there are many cost-effective ways to make your building more secure, keep your tenants safe and give everyone peace of mind.

We have put together some ways to improve your building security and safety:

Improving the Exterior Building Security

Keep landscaping criminal-proof.  The less overgrowth there is, the fewer hiding places trespassers have, too. Also, poorly kept hedges and landscaping can give the impression that you have been neglecting your premises and send a signal to would be criminals that there may be other areas of the building that you have neglected too, such as the security!

Install motion detector security lightingBuilding security management plan

A sudden bright flash of light is usually enough to deter a prowler and send them on their way. Well thought out security lighting also help demonstrate that your building has a security system, making criminals think twice about attacking your property.

Invest in Strong Perimeter Fencing and Security Gates

Have a gate installed that closes automatically, possibly one that requires some form of access control. If that isn’t possible, install a fence that can’t be forced open or climbed onto or over. Select a design that’s easy on the eye—but difficult to penetrate and climb over.

Protect Main Entry Points

It may come as a surprise but nearly a third of commercial burglaries are committed by offenders who have keys or access cards to the building.

So ensure your tenants understand the need for a strict key / access card security policy concerning the lending, usage and loss of keys and access cards. And to follow on from that, they should be aware of the problems in allowing tailgating, (letting someone through a controlled access point without the need for the ‘visitor’ too use their key, unless they recognise a fellow tenan of course. Educate your tenants on building security

Use Dual Layer Access Controls

Sounds expensive but it isn’t. Security technology and hardware has moved at pace in the past 10 years. For not a lot of money, building can possess the latest technology access control, facial recognition, fingerprint access, retina biotech to mention a few. So no longer do we need a card, keypad, or token to push or swipe.

Improve the Interior Building Security

Keep your lighting bright. To help maximise building security, common areas, including the car parks, pedestrian walkways, and rear exit areas, should be well-lit and covered with CCTV. As before, quality lighting is an effective deterrent for unwanted visitors late at night.

Install CCTV Cameras

If you haven’t already got a CCTV surveillance system, get one. A well-designed CCTV system can position cameras in areas with good lighting, and focus on main access points, communal areas, lifts, and other common areas. Today’s cameras can multitask, so don’t think you need a bunch of cameras dotted around the building, cameras that can zoom, pan tilt and follow a person, all from one unit. A prepared maintenance plan will also cut down on faults, replacements, and hardware failures.

If you would like an expert perspective and a comprehensive security risk assessment or risk management plan completing on your property, feel free to get in touch.

Your building is your business, your livelihood, and your reputation.

Protect it and your tenants by keeping it as secure as possible, and it will reward you with full occupancy, happy tenants and a continued revenue stream.

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