Permieter Security For Private Homes

Keeping Them Out

Perimeter Intruder Detection Systems (PIDS) are considered the first line of defence against unwanted intruders into a client’s private home environment. We carry out rigorous risk assessments of the location and propose the most effective technology from an independent perspective, identifying what is required to afford the appropriate protection. We ensure these recommendations can integrate with exisiting or additional security measures, such as lighting, personnel and CCTV systems. As experienced PIDS security experts, we use this technology to safeguard a sites boundary as part of our deter, detect, delay and deny strategy. 

Protecting What Matters

Aldermans Security Consultants have a wealth of experience in creating private home perimeter defence protocols both here in the UK and overseas. From sprawling country estates, to ultra-high end private town houses and apartments in the city, we have implemented fortress like defences with minimum intrusion to the client’s lifestyle and the properties’ appearance and function.  

We place a great deal of emphasis on getting the right type of PIDS in place, to deter and prevent intruders accessing private grounds.


Ultimate Security

Our security consultancy framework includes:

  • Site visit to establish operational requirements
  • Complete Threat & Vulnerability Risk Assessment
  • Prepare operational requirement document inc. designs and deliver recommendations
  • Project manage implementation of recommendations
  • Develop security processes & standard operating procedures (SOP)
  • Oversee user training and operating procedures
  • Carry out efficacy review and resilience tests

Security for the residential Boundary

The boundary of any site is usually the most vulnerable point. Whether it’s a small, overlooked garden or secluded rural home surrounded by farmland, a sites boundaries presents the highest risk for intruders gaining access to the dwelling. Criminals gain entry without being detected and trespassers can move around without being challenged.

Aldermans Consultants engage with clients discreetly and in totall confidence. The technology and suppliers we collaborate with are regulated in accordance with UK standards and guidelines, ensuring our clients are afforded the best protection utilising products and technology that can deliver that protection.

Aldermans Security Consultants deliver robust, comprehensive and bespoke perimeter security solutions to safeguard your home from intrusion

High security residential perimeter fencing

If you are in the need of creating a Perimeter Intruder Detection System for your private residence, contact us for a consultation.