Security Assessments for Private Developments, Co-operatives, & Private Estates

Private clients and cooperatives seeking a risk-based security review of private developments, including assessments on perimeter security, access control, visitor control and access to common-use facilities e.g. bin rooms, bike storage etc are necessary to ensure deal with current threats and problems. Whilst the current security measures in place are likely to be building-code compliant they are often outdated and not fit-for-purpose given local security risk context, for example deliveries being stolen, bike thefts from behind key-pad locked doors, rough sleepers and drug taking in refuse stores and communal areas.

The outcome from the review should be a suite of security related improvements based on a risk-assessment. The latter will take into account all the resident security reports made, security system performance reports, consultation with residents and local crime information e.g. consultation with local Police, crime reports etc.  Our risk assessments are compiled for review by cooperative / management company's board prior to finalisation of the recommended security measures. 

We provide two deliverables from the assessment which will be the risk assessment in executive summary and final security improvement recommendations, noting the requirement for the client's review of the risk assessment before proceeding to recommendations. Recommendations will prioritise measures that deter, detect and delay and be limited to passive security measures i.e. incorporated into the building's architecture. 

Aldermans Consultants are 100% independent and offer only the most effective solutions without relying on one particular method or supplier.

If you would like to request a security review of your property, estate or development, contact us today and speak to one of our security consultants for a free no obligation consultation.

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